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You Mean They Can Legally Not Hire Me Because I Smoke? -2 102 melvinsunsmokedcastello 1 week
UK Dutty Tax on Tobacco 9 jorgesoler 1 month
Maybe We Can Be Cautiously Optimistic About FDA Regs? 8 boilermakerandy 1 month
Ontario Canada to ban flavoured tobacco 10 sw0snuff3r 2 months
Firestorm Erupts in Anti-Smoking Massachusetts Town 26 trailboss 2 months
Mass. Community Says "NO" To Tobacco Ban! 37 warren 2 months
Here's a Link to Fight the New FDA Regulations 36 trailboss 2 months
The Slope Becomes a Bit More Slippery 3 hiplainsdrifter 2 months
July 2014 Ever clear legislation in MD 24 victorybiker 3 months
Bringing Tobacco Back From Europe 3 papipeguy 3 months
UK Government Rejects Latest Smoking Ban 9 redstar 3 months
70% UN Tax On Tobacco 20 fitzy 3 months
Washington Post Editorial 8-3-14 40 mso489 3 months
Can't Believe it is Happening to Me 20 bulldogbriar89 3 months
Alberta Canada to Ban All Flavored Tobacco! 23 huntertrw 3 months
Going To No Tobacco Class At Work 40 gigger48 4 months
FedEx No Longer Ships Tobacco Products 43 gigger48 4 months
Canada: Manitoba Introduces Bill To Ban All Flavored Tobacco 20 kanada 4 months
Potentially Controversial Opinion On Legislation... 35 gigger48 4 months
Health Gained vs. Pleasure Lost 3 gigger48 4 months
The noose is tightening 2 gigger48 4 months
Canadian Duty Taxes of Mail Orders 39 kanada 5 months
Legalization of Pot Good for Tobacco Industry, Sales, & Use? 34 txbeerboy 6 months
County in Florida Makes Tobacco Use Illegal 33 12pups 6 months
Fla. jury slams RJ Reynolds with $23.6B in damages 11 homeguard95 6 months
Drivers face £10,000 fine for smoking in car 20 trailboss 6 months
Showing ID to purchase pipe smoking accessories 16 Andy 6 months
Gotta Love Canada? -2 71 salmonfisher 6 months
New pipesandcigars Link To Stop FDA Killing Recent Tobacco Blends 8 simnettpratt 6 months
I have to get out of NY 37 necron99 7 months
The Elephant Has Landed: The Latest Attack on Tobacco 23 simnettpratt 7 months
Ecigarettes and unregulated tobaco products? 7 disinformatique 7 months
Proposed Ban of Cigarettes in the UK 13 disinformatique 7 months
The Pipe Pundit Weighs In on the FDA Regulations 5 brian64 7 months
Proposed Tax Hike Defeated in Maine 4 andystewart 7 months
New FDA Regulations On Cigars? 6 phonomet 7 months
Navy Considers Banning Tobacco Sales On Bases 15 dread 7 months
Recent Changes to Vermont's Tobacco Laws 28 conlejm 8 months
World No Tobacco Day - May 31 33 junkyarddawg 8 months
I Need A Phytosanitary Certifiicate! 8 woodsroad 8 months
Kansas City Bans Smoking In Your Own Home If You're Poor -2 126 simnettpratt 8 months
State laws 9 fadingdaylight 8 months
Can Anyone Explain UK/EU Laws 12 smeigs 9 months
Washington State Alert 10 plateauguy 9 months
Lab Rat Training Facility Raided 6 cobguy 9 months
Too Many Hands: Degrees of Smoking Danger 12 woodsroad 9 months
New York Court Nixes State Parks Department Smoking Ban 13 kcghost 9 months
Again with the 3rd Hand Smoke 26 condorlover1 9 months
[closed] Uh oh,The FDA has noticed Pipe and Cigar Smokers 27 Kevin 9 months
Oh, The Irony! Enemy of Smokers Arrested 36 aristokles 10 months
Employment Drug Tests 23 apatim 10 months
NEW JERSEY: Lawmakers Speak for Individual Freedom 5 Parker 10 months
Horror Photos on Cigarette Packs 62 anglesey 10 months
The Winds of Change Are Blowing Smoke (Article by Fred Brown) 8 dixcreek 10 months
Oublic Smoking In GTA... 7 rayje589 10 months
Australian Plain Packaging Laws 12 Months In 5 oldsoldier 11 months
Washington State Might Take a Positive Step . . . 12 plateauguy 11 months
South African Smoking Ban 19 sfsteves 11 months
No More Ivory On Pipes...And No Resell Of Estates With Ivory 58 Walt Cannoy 11 months
End of Smoking? 35 condorlover1 11 months
New federal budget in Canada 7 slownumbers39 11 months
CVS Stores to Stop Selling Tobacco 52 warren 11 months
Nicotine Detection in Blood 20 Eric 1 year
50th Anniversary of Surgeon General's Report on Smoking 2 Cortez 1 year
Wondering About Legalization. 14 masterpython 1 year
Smoking at Home Now Illegal for Many in San Rafael, Calif. 46 olewaylon 1 year
Harold Wilson and a general defence of smoking (Newspaper article) 6 flmason 1 year
Stop the Lies Behind the Smoking Bans 15 dragonslayer 1 year
Am I a "Smoker?" Advice Please. 43 rmbittner 1 year
The Tobacco Tax Hike Reality 20 plateauguy 1 year

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