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New FDA Regs; What Isn't Affected? 68 Cosmic 2 months
FDA Deeming Regulations Petition 9 chilllucky 2 months
Total Flavor Ban 62 mso489 2 months
French Warning Labels 51 piper64 2 months
But I Like Smokers - They Are More Human. 19 hakchuma 2 months
Smoking and 3rd Hand Smoke, Child Abuse and etc. 24 arthoz 2 months
Israeli Legislator Ends Tax Hike Hunger Strike 5 woodsroad 2 months
Questions about FDA Banning Online sales -2 71 Paul 3 months
When Will Inter-State Tobacco Sellers Start Collecting Tax? 24 seacaptain 4 months
Good News For B&M'S 5 crashthegrey 4 months
Update: Timing of Removal of Tobacco Blends Introduced After February 2007 37 simenon 4 months
New Warning Label 23 yuda 4 months
MN Internet Sales Tax 2 Cortez 4 months
New Russ Blend: Fudge Cake. 7 skypilot 4 months
New FDA Labeling Rules Put on Hold 23 kickinbears 5 months
Welp, San Francisco Is Going There... 30 Paul 6 months
New Jersey Beach Smoking Ban 19 cfreud 6 months
Legislation Update: Hope Springs Eternal 17 jaytex969 6 months
Internet Sales Tax Case at the US Supreme Court 43 perdurabo 8 months
China's Tarrifs Affect Tobacco 37 brian64 8 months
FDA Premium Cigar Comment Period Officially Begins 11 mso489 8 months
FDA Proposal to Reduce Nicotine 37 Paul 9 months
FDA Commissioner Speech 15 mawnansmiff 9 months
[closed] Top Health Official Traded Tobacco Stock While Leading Anti-smoking Efforts 29 jvnshr 9 months
Customs ... Just Downright Stupid 37 tuold 9 months
Cleaning Products as Bad for Lungs as Smoking 20 Cigarettes a Day 20 jguss 10 months
[closed] WHO Is Behind Tobacco Control - Exposed - What It Means 8 ssjones 10 months
[closed] Ten Years of Banned Smoking in England -2 117 ssjones 10 months
The Costs Of Tobacco Use 21 tuold 10 months
Oops! Phillip Morris Goes to Loopyville 36 brightleaf 10 months
[closed] Effects On GLP blends When(and if) New FDA Rules Kick In? 24 kola 10 months
Legislation and the Future of Tobacco 58 daveinlax 11 months
Supreme Court Urged To Revisit State Sales Tax Collection On Internet Purchases 5 warren 11 months
[closed] Secondhand Smoke Not as Bad as They Claim... 19 zack24 11 months
Brain Research Points the Way to New Treatments for Nicotine Addiction 12 mackeson 11 months
Big Tobacco Loses 11-Year Fight, Forced To Broadcast 'Dangers of Smoking' Ads 29 brightleaf 1 year
One In Five Americans Uses Tobacco 8 Jeffrey Deal 1 year
Tobacco Companies Commit to Protect Child Workers Worldwide 10 mso489 1 year
UAE Tobacco to Be Taxed 100% 22 warren 1 year
Studies in 1978/79 6 mikeklumpp 1 year
FDA Studying Most Effective Black Magic Spells 13 jpmcwjr 1 year
Tobacco Control 12 mso489 1 year
A New Wrinkle 24 mikeklumpp 1 year
Tobacco Legislation Chain Reaction 10 deathmetal 1 year
FDA Announcement July 28, 2017 52 deathmetal 1 year
Thank You Samuel Gawith 17 forsooth 1 year
[closed] Tax Funded Attack of Heirloom Tobacco Strains 6 Cosmic 1 year
Smoking Enforcement Getting Out of Hand -2 72 deathmetal 1 year
Smoking Earns Movies an R Rating? 62 aldecaker 1 year
Weakening FDA Controls 2 sablebrush52 1 year
Finland Aims to Eradicate Pipe-Shaped Candies 35 paddypiper 1 year
Bring Back Smoking 20 paddypiper 1 year
New Zealand Wants Smokefree Military 23 Paul 1 year
Possible Reprieve from the 'Deeming' BS? 3 woodsroad 1 year
Dunhill Tobaccos Discontinued (At Least In The Netherlands And Perhaps Elsewhere -2 75 deathmetal 1 year
Blending tobaccos status 6 deathmetal 1 year
Health Canada to Reinvent Approach to Tobacco Control 18 bassbug 1 year
[closed] We Used Terrible Science to Justify Smoking Bans. 23 Cosmic 1 year
Benefits Of Nicotine: Nicotine Shown To Reduce Symptoms of Schizophrenia 5 weezell 1 year
FDA and B&M store blends 8 voorhees 1 year
Missouri Lawmakers Vote to Continue Smoking in Offices 7 buroak 1 year
FDA Draft Guidance on the Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples 22 cally454 1 year
Save Tobacco Packaging in Canada 6 northernneil 1 year
A Great 'Reason' Magazine Piece on FDA & Deeming 28 Bulldog 1 year
FDA Deeming Regulations 11 clickklick 1 year
How do I fight the FDA? 39 jndyer 2 years
Philip Morris phasing out cigarettes? 19 p4ttythep3rf3ct 2 years
How likely is Agriculture Bill with Amendment to get through? 4 mso489 2 years
Prohibition of Flavored Tobaccos in Sweden 23 Paul 2 years
Tell Our New President About Those FDA Deeming Rules 68 pappymac 2 years

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