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Alberta Canada to Ban All Flavored Tobacco! 18 shutterbug 12 hours
You Mean They Can Legally Not Hire Me Because I Smoke? -2 89 elduderino 2 weeks
Washington Post Editorial 8-3-14 31 ssjones 2 weeks
Can't Believe it is Happening to Me 12 darwin 3 weeks
Going To No Tobacco Class At Work 40 gigger48 3 weeks
FedEx No Longer Ships Tobacco Products 43 gigger48 3 weeks
Canada: Manitoba Introduces Bill To Ban All Flavored Tobacco 20 kanada 3 weeks
Potentially Controversial Opinion On Legislation... 35 gigger48 3 weeks
Health Gained vs. Pleasure Lost 3 gigger48 3 weeks
The noose is tightening 2 gigger48 3 weeks
Canadian Duty Taxes of Mail Orders 39 kanada 1 month
Legalization of Pot Good for Tobacco Industry, Sales, & Use? 34 txbeerboy 2 months
County in Florida Makes Tobacco Use Illegal 33 12pups 2 months
Fla. jury slams RJ Reynolds with $23.6B in damages 11 homeguard95 2 months
Drivers face £10,000 fine for smoking in car 20 trailboss 2 months
Showing ID to purchase pipe smoking accessories 16 andrew 2 months
Gotta Love Canada? -2 71 salmonfisher 2 months
New pipesandcigars Link To Stop FDA Killing Recent Tobacco Blends 8 simnettpratt 2 months
Here's a Link to Fight the New FDA Regulations 31 antbauers 3 months
I have to get out of NY 37 necron99 3 months
The Elephant Has Landed: The Latest Attack on Tobacco 23 simnettpratt 3 months
Ecigarettes and unregulated tobaco products? 7 disinformatique 3 months
Proposed Ban of Cigarettes in the UK 13 disinformatique 3 months
The Pipe Pundit Weighs In on the FDA Regulations 5 brian64 3 months
Proposed Tax Hike Defeated in Maine 4 andystewart 3 months
New FDA Regulations On Cigars? 6 phonomet 3 months
Navy Considers Banning Tobacco Sales On Bases 15 dread 3 months
Recent Changes to Vermont's Tobacco Laws 28 conlejm 4 months
World No Tobacco Day - May 31 33 junkyarddawg 4 months
I Need A Phytosanitary Certifiicate! 8 woodsroad 4 months
Kansas City Bans Smoking In Your Own Home If You're Poor -2 126 simnettpratt 4 months
State laws 9 fadingdaylight 4 months
Can Anyone Explain UK/EU Laws 12 smeigs 5 months
Washington State Alert 10 plateauguy 5 months
Lab Rat Training Facility Raided 6 cobguy 5 months
Too Many Hands: Degrees of Smoking Danger 12 woodsroad 5 months
New York Court Nixes State Parks Department Smoking Ban 13 kcghost 5 months
Again with the 3rd Hand Smoke 26 condorlover1 5 months
[closed] Uh oh,The FDA has noticed Pipe and Cigar Smokers 27 Kevin 5 months
Oh, The Irony! Enemy of Smokers Arrested 36 aristokles 6 months
Employment Drug Tests 23 apatim 6 months
NEW JERSEY: Lawmakers Speak for Individual Freedom 5 Parker 6 months
Horror Photos on Cigarette Packs 62 anglesey 6 months
The Winds of Change Are Blowing Smoke (Article by Fred Brown) 8 dixcreek 6 months
Oublic Smoking In GTA... 7 rayje589 7 months
Australian Plain Packaging Laws 12 Months In 5 oldsoldier 7 months
Washington State Might Take a Positive Step . . . 12 plateauguy 7 months
South African Smoking Ban 19 sfsteves 7 months
No More Ivory On Pipes...And No Resell Of Estates With Ivory 58 Walt Cannoy 7 months
End of Smoking? 35 condorlover1 7 months
New federal budget in Canada 7 slownumbers39 7 months
CVS Stores to Stop Selling Tobacco 52 warren 7 months
Nicotine Detection in Blood 20 Eric 8 months
50th Anniversary of Surgeon General's Report on Smoking 2 Cortez 8 months
Wondering About Legalization. 14 masterpython 8 months
Smoking at Home Now Illegal for Many in San Rafael, Calif. 46 olewaylon 8 months
Harold Wilson and a general defence of smoking (Newspaper article) 6 flmason 8 months
Stop the Lies Behind the Smoking Bans 15 dragonslayer 8 months
Am I a "Smoker?" Advice Please. 43 rmbittner 8 months
The Tobacco Tax Hike Reality 20 plateauguy 9 months
Tom Hanks Portrayal of Walt Disney Lacks Authenticity 25 undecagon 9 months
[closed] Raising The Smoking Age 43 Lawrence 10 months
Kalifornia Suks 63 petes03 10 months
Getting Together For A Bowl In Toronto Just Got Tougher 10 tennsmoker 10 months
[closed] The Uncomfortable Connection 10 Lawrence 10 months
Ontario Pipe Smokers - BILL 176 Attacks Pipe Tobacco 36 northernneil 10 months
Fairfax Co., VA Madness 24 datascalabash 11 months
Keep Track of the New FDA Tobacco Regs Here 6 reichenbach 11 months
Aro's To Be Banned In The EU 25 iwbiek 11 months
Rare Good News - Now I Can Smoke in Central Park 7 briarfriar 11 months

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