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Canada: Manitoba Introduces Bill To Ban All Flavored Tobacco 2 anglesey 25 minutes
Proposed Tax Hike Defeated in Maine 2 papipeguy 5 days
The Elephant Has Landed: The Latest Attack on Tobacco 12 lucky695 2 weeks
Oh, The Irony! Enemy of Smokers Arrested 36 aristokles 2 weeks
FedEx No Longer Ships Tobacco Products 30 pylorns 2 weeks
Employment Drug Tests 23 apatim 3 weeks
NEW JERSEY: Lawmakers Speak for Individual Freedom 5 Parker 3 weeks
Horror Photos on Cigarette Packs 62 anglesey 1 month
The Winds of Change Are Blowing Smoke (Article by Fred Brown) 8 dixcreek 1 month
Oublic Smoking In GTA... 7 rayje589 1 month
Can Anyone Explain UK/EU Laws 8 anglesey 1 month
Australian Plain Packaging Laws 12 Months In 5 oldsoldier 1 month
Washington State Might Take a Positive Step . . . 12 plateauguy 1 month
South African Smoking Ban 19 sfsteves 1 month
No More Ivory On Pipes...And No Resell Of Estates With Ivory 58 Walt Cannoy 2 months
End of Smoking? 35 condorlover1 2 months
New federal budget in Canada 7 slownumbers39 2 months
CVS Stores to Stop Selling Tobacco 52 warren 2 months
Nicotine Detection in Blood 20 Eric 2 months
50th Anniversary of Surgeon General's Report on Smoking 2 Cortez 2 months
Wondering About Legalization. 14 masterpython 3 months
Smoking at Home Now Illegal for Many in San Rafael, Calif. 46 olewaylon 3 months
Harold Wilson and a general defence of smoking (Newspaper article) 6 flmason 3 months
Stop the Lies Behind the Smoking Bans 15 dragonslayer 3 months
Am I a "Smoker?" Advice Please. 43 rmbittner 3 months
The Tobacco Tax Hike Reality 20 plateauguy 3 months
Tom Hanks Portrayal of Walt Disney Lacks Authenticity 25 undecagon 4 months
[closed] Raising The Smoking Age 43 Lawrence 4 months
Kalifornia Suks 63 petes03 4 months
Getting Together For A Bowl In Toronto Just Got Tougher 10 tennsmoker 4 months
[closed] The Uncomfortable Connection 10 Lawrence 5 months
Ontario Pipe Smokers - BILL 176 Attacks Pipe Tobacco 36 northernneil 5 months
Fairfax Co., VA Madness 24 datascalabash 5 months
Keep Track of the New FDA Tobacco Regs Here 6 reichenbach 5 months
Aro's To Be Banned In The EU 25 iwbiek 6 months
Rare Good News - Now I Can Smoke in Central Park 7 briarfriar 6 months
Oregon Legislature Passes Ban on Smoking in Car with Kids Present 40 burlpettibon 6 months
New York Court Nixes State Parks Department Smoking Ban 4 reichenbach 6 months
Good On Ya Customs 21 plateauguy 6 months
Internet Access to Pipe Blog Blocked in Russia 11 puffy 6 months
Status FDA and Tobacco, 09/26/2013 14 petes03 6 months
Can't Get Anymore Packages 18 4nogginsmike 6 months
County in Florida Makes Tobacco Use Illegal 27 murf 7 months
Florida Hospital no Longer Hiring Smokers...Applicants to be Tested For Nicotine 15 brian64 7 months
'Smoking Opponents Take Fight Outside in Chattanooga' 6 jbbaldwin 8 months
The Good Ol' Rumor Mill ... or Not So Good (Cartoon) 5 kcghost 8 months
'I Enjoy It, I Don't See Any Reason to Quit' 3 lordape 8 months
Import pipe tobacco to Japan? 3 junkyarddawg 8 months
Menthol Ban ? 8 teufelhund 8 months
Best Towns For Smoking 9 bigboi 8 months
Annual Physical 5 bryanf 8 months
FDA Rejects Tobacco Products for First Time 18 captainbob 9 months
They Repealed A Ban On Smoking 15 kashmir 9 months
Special Permit 26 ciderguy 10 months
Proposed Increase In Legal Age For Buying Tobacco Products 19 mmjk 10 months
Nova Scotia Store Owner Loses Tobacco Battle in Court 45 nsfisher 10 months
World No Tobacco Day 27 locopony 10 months
Parkinsons and Nicotine 7 kashmir 10 months
Tobacco Products Banned at Pharmacies & Large Retail Outlets 17 boudreaux 10 months
NY Proposes A Smoking Ban In Autos 11 yazamitaz 10 months
Tobacco Regulatory Chief Speaks 8 dragonslayer 11 months
Shipping Tobacco in Washington 9 kanaia 11 months
No online credit at Boswell Pipes and Tobacco 2 pruss 11 months
New Obamacare Premium Hikes for Smokers -2 76 plateauguy 11 months
Senate to Vote on Internet Tax 36 dragonslayer 11 months
Grow Your Own Tobacco? 38 ffmurray 11 months
Florida Senate Bill 258 (Outdoor Smoking Ban) Fails In Committee 8 instymp 11 months
Florida Outdoor Smoking Ban Bill Advances (Again). It Has To Be Stopped – NOW. 22 bobpnm 11 months
Smoking Ban At My Campus 39 bigboi 11 months
More Tax Pain for Canadian Pipesters 21 hfearly 11 months

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