Fred Brown
The Wounded Warriors Project produced by Bobby Nesbitt and the Two Friends Pipes before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, was a big success.

In fact, Nesbitt says the auction went so well he is now considering an auction for other national events to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Nesbitt and Two Friends Pipes, started with his pal Charles Stewart, held an online pipes and tobacco auction that was unique in that pipe collectors went online to bid on pipes and tobacco that were not for profit but for the WWP.

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Fred Brown
Bobby Nesbitt, who owns and operates Two Friends Pipes with his pal, Charles Stewart, will host an online pipes and tobacco auction Nov. 25 a couple of days before Thanksgiving, with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Here is an opportunity for the pipe community to help American veterans who have returned from dangerous far-off lands of war, many of them with physical and mental injuries.

The Wounded Warrior Project was started to honor and empower wounded warriors. The program began in 2010 when several veterans and friends, moved by stories of the first wounded service members returning home from the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, took action to help others in need, according to the WWP website.

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Kevin Godbee

Mac Baren has just introduced their latest pipe tobacco blend; Modern Virginia - in both loose cut and flake cut versions. The blend contains 70% Virginia tobaccos of two types; a bright yellow and a dark, each from a different country of origin. Next in the recipe is the “Modern Cavendish” which makes up 20% of the blend. Traditionally, Cavendish is made from Burley tobaccos. Modern Cavendish is Mac Baren’s name for their black Cavendish made from Virginia tobaccos - so there is definitely a lot of Virginia going on here. The last 10% of the mix comes from Burley. The Burley helps round out the flavor, and balances the sweetness and any potential bite or overheating from the Virginia tobaccos. Mac Baren says there is a "slightly detectable topping of sweet, ripe fruit". I haven’t had a chance to smoke it yet, but there is nothing slight in the tin aroma. The bouquet from the can reminds me of the breakfast cereal Fruity Pebbles.

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World Renowned Artisan Pipe Maker Tom Eltang Celebrates 40-Years as a Pipe Maker with the Launch of His Own Pipe Tobacco Line-Up

Today, September 17, 2014 is Danish pipe artisan Tom Eltang’s 40th year as a pipe maker. He is throwing a big party in Denmark to commemorate his anniversary. He is also celebrating the launch of his new pipe tobacco line, simply named; "Tom Eltang Tobacco".

Interestingly enough, two of the largest pipe tobacco factories are located in Denmark, but the famous Danish pipe maker is having his tobacco made in the USA, by Cornell & Diehl in North Carolina.

When asked why, Eltang remarked; "I had to wait until my friend bought a tobacco factory before I could have my tobacco made!"

Tom Eltang and Sykes Wilford are good friends. Sykes visits Denmark every year, and the two of them always spend considerable time together. Sykes is the founder of The parent company of the dominant online retailer, Laudisi Enterprises, merged with tobacco maker Cornell & Diehl effective January 1st of this year.

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As many of you are aware CVS has parted ways with the tobacco industry and for many years our brand, Admiral’s Choice has been solely sold through CVS with great success; however we would like to announce that will now be the sole internet retailer of the Admiral’s Choice Brand.

Pipes and Cigars provide superior customer service along with the being a major leading internet retail stop for all tobacco needs. It is our hope that you will contact them for Admiral’s Choice Pipe Tobacco.

Pipes and Cigars can be reached via the web at or 1-800-494-9144

Via Press Release - Sutliff Tobacco Company is proud to announce that as of September 3rd 2014, it has been awarded the exclusive right to import Gizeh Papers and Accessories into the United States.

Gizeh has a long and illustrious story, from its founding in 1920 in Cologne Germany to the powerhouse company and industry leader it has become today.

Their corporate group is one of the world’s three largest and leading manufacturers in the smokers’ accessories sector and the group’s diverse range of products include rolling papers, filters, filter tubes and other accessories for home-made enjoyment.

With operations in Germany, Holland, France and Austria; Gizeh is a world leader in this exciting product category, and Sutliff Tobacco Company is very proud to be associated with such a fine company.

All orders for Gizeh Products in the United States can be placed with Sutliff Tobacco Company and we are pleased to add this exciting group of products to our portfolio of market offerings.

For more information on Gizeh Products please visit their website at:

Richmond, Virginia - Brigham USA has entered into a joint venture with Sutliff Tobacco Company to combine Sales, Marketing and Distribution throughout the United States. Products from both companies will now be available to order through a new sales team headed by Brian Levine. Brian has a wealth of experience in the Pipe & Cigar industry and has worked for Dunhill, Peter Stokkebye and the IPCPR.

According to Levine: "This joint venture will allow Sutliff/Brigham to offer a complete range of products from pipe tobacco to pipes, including pipe and cigar accessories. I am very excited about this joint venture as it allows both Sutliff and Brigham to trade off on each other’s strengths and creates One-Stop Shopping for our retailers."

Brigham USA offers a wide range of products for tobacconists such as Oliver Twist, cigar & pipe accessories, Columbus leather goods, pipe tobacco, Capri & Lorenzetti pipes and their own brand of Brigham pipes. The company was founded in 1906 by Roy Brigham and is still owned by the Brigham family.

Sutliff Tobacco Company is America’s Oldest Pipe Tobacco Company and an industry leader in both mass market as well as premium selections of fine Pipe Tobacco since their founding in 1849. In addition to their extensive line of pipe tobaccos manufactured in their Richmond Virginia factory, they also distribute Mac Baren pipe tobacco as well as Gizeh rolling papers and other products.

Orlik Golden Sliced has long been an extremely popular pipe tobacco in the U.S. At the same time, there have also been several other distinguished, high quality Orlik tobaccos that were not exported from Denmark to North America…. until now. From Lane / STG, the newly available Orlik blends are as follows:

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Via Press Release - In keeping with the longstanding tradition of introducing innovative new products, Sutliff Tobacco Company is proud to offer to the consumer fourteen new and exciting blends from Virginia Perique to Full Aromatics. The lineup, which will be introduced at the 2014 IPCPR show in Las Vegas, is diverse, offering the pipe smoker a plethora of choices. Whatever the smoker may desire, this array of new blends has something to offer to practically everyone. Fruity Aromatics, Confectionary Aromatics, Rich Burleys, Va/Pers, Superb English Blends, and Whisky Flavored Aromatics all vie for the connoisseur’s immediate attention.

As a guideline for the consumer, we offer the following recommendations and descriptions:

Fruity Aromatics
April Dawn

An aromatic blend of Sweet Cherries applied to a base of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

Taste of Autumn
Rich Spicy Flavors of Autumn top this blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

Loire Valley
A fruity aromatic blend of Juicy Raspberries and Succulent Mangoes flavor a base of Black Cavendish.

Confectionary Aromatics
Taste of Spring

A Sweet and Fragrant aromatic on a base of Virginia and Burley tobaccos.

Mountain Pass
Black Cavendish with a delightful Custardy Top Note.

Honey and Chocolate
Chocolate and Honey sweeten this mixture of Burley, Virginia and Black Cavendish.

Arch Duke Ferdinand
An intricate aromatic mixture of Seven Distinct Vanilla sub-blends.

Rich Burley

A Non-Aromatic mixture of Kentucky Plug Cut Burley.

Sutliff 1849

A delightful mixture of Rich Virginias and Spicy Perique tobaccos.
(See our review here.)

English Blends

A complex blend of Latakia, Oriental, Virginia and Burley Cube for the true connoisseur.

Court of St. James
Spicy Perique with Tangy Virginia Flake.

Lord of the Manor
A complex English mixture of Latakia, Burley, Virginia, Perique and Oriental tobaccos.

Old San Francisco
A complex mixture comprised of Virginia, Perique, Dark Fired Burley and Latakia.

Whiskey Flavored Aromatics
County Cork

Imported Irish Cream applied to a base of Virginia and Burley Tobaccos.

Established in 1849, Sutliff Tobacco Company is one of the oldest pipe tobacco companies in the world. As a manufacturer of hundreds of brands of pipe tobacco, Sutliff offers blends and mixtures from strong aromatics to rich English blends. To learn more, visit

Online Brochures in PDF format -
New Sutliff Blends for 2014
Sutliff 1849 Tobacco

Via Press Release - Phillips & King International and Erik Stokkebye are delighted to announce the launch of a sixth 4th Generation pipe tobacco blend, namely "1982 Centennial Blend". The 1982 Centennial blend celebrates our family’s 100-year anniversary in the tobacco business.

The 1982 is a slow burning mixture, comprised of golden Virginias, sweet and soft mild Black Cavendish, light Burleys and blended with small plugs of navy flake to ease the burning. French vanilla and Black Berry top dressing is added as a final step, creating an outstanding room note and a distinctive taste experience.

The 1982 Centennial blend is available in 1.40oz tin  - a new size also being offered in the 1957, 1897 and 1855 blends.