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Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with pipe maker Scottie Piersel. A few weeks ago at the Kansas City Pipe Show, I inadvertently bought one of her pipes. There were about 40 pipes on a table that were entrants into the 7-day set contest that focused on the billiard shape. Of all of the pipes, I liked hers the best and bought it. I was pleasantly surprised to find out afterwards that the pipe was made by a woman. In our "Pipe Parts" segment, Brian will talk about the preeminent freehand pipe maker, the late Preben Holm. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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PipeSMOKE Magazine Archives

Alan Schwartz
From the moment you walk in to the A&C Petersen factory, you know these guys don’t just make tobacco, they live it. On the horizontal support beams that cross the room are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of tobacco tins collected over the years by the Petersen brothers, Hans and Jens -including many older American specimens that tobacco museums and collectors would envy. All around the office are other artifacts - antique machines for pressing, cutting, and mixing tobacco are standing accents, along with cigar store Indians, old smokeshop signs, and display posters.

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Pipe Tobacco Reviews

E. Roberts
Summer’s here, finally, and the time is right for dancing in the streets.
And by "dancing in the streets" I mean, of course, settling into a comfortable lawn chair with some good friends, adult beverages, and a tin and pipe. My often-repeated insistence to pay no attention to popular conventions aside, VaPer blends—that’s Virginia-Perique for the uninitiated—simply and consistently make for damn fine warm-weather smoking. My personal cellar contains a depth and breadth of them that is perhaps less than a surfeit, but much, much more than a dearth. That is to say, around 50 different varieties that I return to with regularity.

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Put That in Your Pipe

Russ Ouellette
Lord knows that I have been called a "tool"
by a number of people (along with a plethora of other choice epithets) but what the title refers to is the frequency with which we, as pipe smokers, have to serve as a tamper (your choice of finger), because we’ve misplaced a pipe tool.

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  • Ask G. L. Pease

    Ask G. L. Pease (Volume 38)


    G. L. Pease
    I'm back from Kansas,
    and trying to recover from the fun. Pipe shows are great things, but they can be exhausting. Thursday night, after the pipe club meeting, I returned with a friend to his place to learn how to roll cigars. Scratch that. I rolled a few things that to the casual onlooker would have been perceived as alien life forms (who knew a cigar could have appendages?) or sections of branches from gnarled trees littering the ground after a forest fire. One actually did look vaguely like a cigar, if not observed too closely, but one that had been used as a chew toy by a pit bull on meth. I learned a bit about different cigar tobaccos, got to taste a lot of different leaf in its pure state, but the most important lesson was probably that I have no real future as a torceador. I'll stick to pipe mixtures.

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  • Featured Article

    By Smokers, For Smokers: The Top Ten Albums For Pipe Smokers

    E. Roberts
    Pipe smoking and expressive talents go hand in hand. Our ranks are full of artists of every media—painters, poets, writers and musicians especially. This month, thanks to Missouri Meerschaum, we'll take a look at my very personal top ten list of music made by pipe smokers, for the enjoyment of pipe smokers.

    1 – Easily at the top of the list is John Coltrane's seminal masterpiece, A Love Supreme. While free jazz can be difficult for some to get into, on this record Coltrane combines the melodic sensibilities of his early bop days with all the wild exuberance of his technical mastery in what is widely recognized as one of the greatest jazz albums of all time. A simple four-note theme is catapulted into the sonic stratosphere, backed by the incredible lineup of Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones and McCoy Tyner. Coltrane was seeking to express a hymn to The Almighty; kick back with a capacious pipe and be swept away on this spiritual journey. Recommended tobacco: Presbyterian Mixture.

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  • the Gentleman Smoker

    The Aviator Watch and Pipes on Duty

    Steve Morrisette
    The subject of wristwatches has been on my mind of late
    and I thought it might be of interest to examine this small corner of the vast horological world.

    Subset of a Subset: Though aviator watches and military type watches are a subset of the larger subset of sports watches, they have fairly recently gained much wider popularity.

    I suppose if future 007's continue the timepiece migration that began with the Rolex Submariner and moved to the Omega Seamaster to say, the Omega "Dark Side of the Moon" Speedmaster, we'll know that the pilot/aviator watch phase has passed permanently into an established icon and style cue. (The Omega Speedmaster line is the famous "moon watch" – the first wristwatch on the moon.)

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  • Featured Tobacco Review

    In Mac Baren’s Secret Service


    E. Roberts
    The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.
    In the high-stakes, cloak and dagger world of tobacco blending, it's the one who holds the most secrets who has the hand to beat when the cards are laid out on the table. After the smoke clears and the dust settles, it's the dashing fellow in the three-piece suit that walks away with the self-satisfied grin, calmly extracting a classic black billiard—Dunhill, of course—from his breast pocket, filled to the brim with a luscious ebony flake. The aroma it exudes is exotic and flirtatious, perfectly balanced on the precipice of sweet, overlooking the valley of mystery below. Content that his adversaries are thoroughly vanquished, he climbs into his bespoke Aston Martin Centenary Edition and speeds away into the sunset, intent on blending another day ...

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  • PipeSMOKE Magazine Archives

    Hollywood Pipes

    Laurie Jacobson
    Hollywood has always been about looking good.
    That's why the pipe has been there since the first cameras rolled. It's the ultimate accessory. You wear it both in your face and in your hand. You display it in your home. And with proper care, it will last a lifetime. Let's face it, most marriages in Tinseltown are based on the same principles, and don't fare as well. But a pipe is more than just a smoke — something you dispose of when you're through — it's an appendage. And just like Liz and Dick, Lucy and Desi, Groucho and his cigar, some Hollywood celebrities are forever linked...with their pipes.

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  • Pipe Cartoon

  • Peterson: Kinsale Smooth (XL12) P-Lip

    Customer response to the initial Sherlock Holmes series that debuted in 1987, and the subsequent Holmes editions that followed, was so overwhelmingly ...
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  • The Pipe Pundit

    A Conversation With Myself

    Fred Brown
    Over the next weeks and months,
    I will endeavor to write a series of essays that will be on a different plane than those in the past. Basically, the Pipe Pundit will attempt to go ethereal.

    What has me disturbed and agitated is the state of things in our nation, outside of what is going on, or not, with the political process.

    I'm more interested in individual rights than group rights.

    Several years ago, I interviewed that great Southern Gentleman, Shelby Foote, the famed Civil War author. He invited me to his beautiful 1927 English Tudor cottage in Memphis, Tenn., to talk of things past.

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