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Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with Elbert Gubbels, President, The House of E. Gubbels B.V. in Holland. They are the makers of Big Ben Pipes, Hilson Pipes, and Bentley Pipes. They also used to make Porsche Pipes. In "Pipe Parts", Brian will give you the report on his trip to Denmark, Germany and London. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Out of the Ashes

G. L. Pease
This little review has been a long time coming. Too long. I have my reasons, my excuses. And, this time, they’re actually pretty good ones. Mostly, it’s because, in order to do the pipe justice, I felt it important to do more than just smoke it a few times and scribble down some sketchy impressions. There’s enough different about the AeroBilliard, and enough good about it, that it deserves a little more thought than that. So, I’ve been smoking and thinking about it. For months. Finally, prompted by a question in last month’s Ask G.L. Pease column, I’m ready to share some of those thoughts, even if it almost seems like old news now that the pipe has been on the market for over a year.

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Pipe Tobacco Reviews

E. Roberts
In this scenario, I’m the May beauty (indulge me here), enamored in my youthful extravagance
of the much older September paramour, the estimable Peterson of Dublin. Peterson’s seasonal tobaccos are lovingly crafted and opulently presented; they bring 150 years of experience to the relationship. Sadly, this fling is destined to be short-lived; produced in very limited quantities (only 5000 tins each!) and gaining popularity every year, these blends tend to fly off retailers’ shelves. There are no other limited edition blends that I look forward to more eagerly than Peterson’s annual trio (including the Christmas blend, which is yet to be released), and it seems they’re getting better every year. Unfortunately, they also seem to release later every year, at least here in the States, where we’re just now seeing the Summertime and Special Reserve at the end of August. Still, there’s no better way to celebrate the waning of the season than with a bowl of these confectionary concoctions.

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PipeSMOKE Magazine Archives

Alan Schwartz
What do you have when you take the best piece of briar you can find, cut it and shape it by hand, buff it to ultimate smoothness, fit a hand-cut mouthpiece individually crafted to complement the bowl, and polish it with pure carnuba wax to enhance and protect the wood grain with a brilliant luster? Most likely a fine quality handmade briar pipe that will please any smoker. But will it satisfy the demanding standards of Richard Dunhill, who alone decides which of the top-quality pipes his company produces deserve the highest accolades? That is another story, as Dunhill’s rigorous grading process determines the following designations for the famed line of Dunhill pipes:

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  • Ask G. L. Pease

    Ask G. L. Pease (Volume 40)


    G. L. Pease
    Early this morning,
    a dear friend packed a hired truck with boxes of pipes, tobacco, books, and all his other important belongings, preparing to set off eastward to make a new home on the other edge of the continent. I know we'll see each other again, but I'm very much going to miss his company in the meanwhile. We've shared lots of good food, good drink, good conversation and laughter, almost always enveloped in a comforting fog of fragrant smoke.

    Perhaps that's the true magic of the pipe; it seems to catalyze fellowship whenever it's present in the company of good people. Of those I hold close in my life, many have come to that place over a bowl or twenty. The pipe has a way of bringing people together through a common passion, whilst simultaneously creating something of a sacred space in which to discover our overlapping interests, and to peacefully explore both our similar and our divergent views.

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    In Search of Pipe Memes

    E. Roberts
    We pipe enthusiasts are an odd lot; at once an anachronistic bunch
    who cling to rituals and relics of the past, while simultaneously reinvigorating the hobby via the power of the Internet—we are, right now in fact, engaging in our collective pastime on the web's #1 Source for Pipes and Pipe Tobacco Information. Enjoyment of fine tobacco is a hobby that spans generations, and across these generations, the new technological paradigm has been enthusiastically embraced. It will make interesting study for future historians to explore the ways that technology shapes communication in this century. The marvels that have allowed us to hold conversations across the world at the speed of light have also saddled us with the chaff of pop culture—"reality" television comes to mind.

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  • the Gentleman Smoker

    Hats on Men and Caps on Pipes

    Steve Morrisette
    My friend and colleague Brian Levine,
    host of The Pipes Magazine Radio Show, recently suggested I write a column about choosing a hat type or style that works for a man's face. Brian pointed out that he definitely had a face for radio and as I agree it seems his best choice would be a full-face balaclava that matches his sport coat or suit.

    Putting collegial joshing aside, he did have a sincere and timely suggestion. Fall weather will be upon us soon and as it cools down this may well be the first time out for men thinking of experimenting with a new style of headgear.

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  • Featured Tobacco Review

    Hunting for Gold with Capstan


    E. Roberts
    "Capstan." To say the name amongst pipe smokers invokes one of those hallowed blends that form the cornerstone of our collective history.
    Originally produced by the W.D. & H.O. Wills company well over a century ago, the mantle was picked up by Orlik / STG until recently, when MacBaren assumed production of the marque. Importantly, MacBaren re-introduced it to smokers here in the States after an eighteen year absence, offering both the stronger blue-label and this, the milder-bodied gold label.

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  • PipeSMOKE Magazine Archives

    Peterson of Dublin

    Alan Schwartz
    Peterson of Dublin has started another Irish revolution,
    but with no manifestos or righting of wrongs. With a "declaration of independence" from the ways of yester year—not in quality, hut in concept—the 136-year-old company has recently positioned itself for the coming millennium. A carefully planned marketing strategy based on consumer research and testing, has enabled Peterson to design new collections for the smoking revolution of the '90's. Every way that pipes, cigars, and accessories suit a well-turned, affluent, and varied lifestyle has been thought out and developed, from cutting-edge contemporary artifacts to nostalgic recreations of glory days past. This is the story of a successful marketing campaign.

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  • Pipe Cartoon

  • Peterson: System Standard Rusticated (312) Fishtail

    Patented in 1894, Peterson's 'System Standard' has cultivated a dedicated following in the last 100+ years. Designed to provide a cool smoke by trappi...
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  • Pipe Reviews

    Twain and His Creations Arrive in Corn Cob Fame

    A. Miller
    A few months ago a friend of mine took a look at my pipe collection and furled his brow slightly.
    "You know," he said, "You wouldn't burn the rim of your pipes so badly if you loaded them less full, smoked inside, and altogether avoided the wind."

    True. And my nicer briars would prefer I stuck to those rules. However, I'm the kind of guy who hates to feel owned by the things I own. I almost exclusively smoke outdoors and I don't ever want to say no to a bowl just because it's windy. And while these reasons are certainly all good reasons to smoke primarily cobs, I smoke corn cob pipes because nothing, in my opinion, offers as consistently good of a smoke. My cobs never gargle, stay clean almost by themselves, and forgive me when I drop them on the road. Every time I see a friend take out a pipe cleaner and use it to clean out moisture mid-smoke, I remember why I love my cobs so much. You can therefore imagine my excitement when Missouri Meerschaum recently released new pipes.

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