Pipe Smoking Satire

A. Miller
I spent the afternoon in my backyard
overseeing my children while they proceeded to rake large quantities of leaves in to heaping piles. Obviously this was done with a pipe in-mouth. I’ve been stuck on McClelland for a few months but the day called for some Chenet’s Cake from C&D. I’m obsessed with perique but, as a nicotine lightweight (no matter how much I smoke), my body can seldom cash the checks my taste buds write in picking tobaccos. Nobody should be able to naturally process that much (glorious) perique.

This week I had a few friends over for a beer and one or two wanted to join me for a pipe. You know the feeling, where you’re excited to share, but you also are very careful about which pipe you lend to a newbie. The truth is, the decision is always difficult for me—I have an emotional connection even to some of my old cracked cobs.

If you’re a pipe evangelist like me, you end up with a lot of friends who turn to you for smoking advice. Given how often I’m finding myself answering the same questions, I decided it would be helpful if I began offering these up for the greater good of you, dear reader.

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Radio Talk Show

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with Pipe Maker Mark Price. Mark has only been making pipes for a short time. However, as a former cabinet maker, and with the tutelage from several high-profile pipe makers, he quickly became skilled enough to be one of the winners in the Kansas City Club’s carving contest this year. In "Pipe Parts", Brian will talk about the different types of tobacco strains and varieties. Later, he will talk about his vacation to Disney World. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Pipe Smoking Fiction

Marshall "Butch" Armstrong
Once inside the house, Sam told Mary not to turn on the lights.
He produced a flashlight from inside his coat. Along with this he carried his revolver in the shoulder holster and his 45 in a pocket. He was taking as few chances as possible. With just the small light source he could tell that the house was filled with expensive items. Statuary and paintings in the halls and plush furniture in the various rooms. Mary led them straight to Sylvester’s study. She said she had looked for the pipe when she found it missing, but they were going to look again.

Sam started with the desk drawers. Finding all the usual things one might find in a desk, paperwork and some files, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. One drawer had some tools like a screwdriver and pliers, a small piece of plumbing pipe and some wire. Mary searched the shelves. Pulling out books to look behind them, she found nothing. A couple of cabinets in the room also revealed nothing. "Is there a safe?" Sam asked.

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Pipe Tobacco Reviews

E. Roberts
The weather’s turning, and so my open rotation turns with it.
Unlike previous years, the temperatures here have been on a gradual and steady decline, rather than their usual frenetic rollercoaster ride, and I’ve been allowed the luxury of stepping back and seeing how my palate acclimates and accommodates week by week. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I think all pipe smokers tend to vary their open rotation, at least to a small degree, in accordance with the prevailing climate. It’s only natural, as our perception of taste is a puzzle that is affected by dozens of variables both internal and external; temperature and humidity are obvious environmental ones, while the amount of sunlight we’re exposed to altering our natural vitamin D production is a less-apparent byproduct of the waning days. Common wisdom holds Latakia blends to be winter favorites, Virginias for summer, and cigars for barbeque weather. Uncommon wisdom, namely mine, likes to buck those trends and pay attention to my palate.

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  • Pipe Manufacturer & Retailer Spotlight

    J.M. Boswell, Stradivari of the Pipe World

    Fred Brown
    To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men—that is genius—Ralph Waldo Emmerson, "Self-Reliance" Essay, Boston, 1841

    J.M. Boswell is the living embodiment of self-reliance, a belief that the ultimate source of truth lies within himself.

    Lofty? Perhaps, but J.M. Boswell is a professional pipe maker of rare talent. He makes a perfect pipe because it is true to his code: it has to be flawless, or he will not let it leave his shop in Chambersburg, Pa.

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  • Pipe Reviews & Pipe Makers

    Karlheinz Joura and His Love of Freedom

    Rick Newcombe
    Karlheinz Joura is one of my favorite people in the pipe world. He is also a skilled artisan whose pipes are considered among the most beautiful and best smokers in the world.

    Known as Karlo to his friends and family, he has been making pipes from his workshop in Bremen, Germany, for more than 40 years. His dramatic personal story is unique among pipe makers today. Much has been written about Karlo's life over the years, though many of the details have been left out of past reports. I have seen slight inaccuracies in some stories, including my own, due to translation issues, and I want to use this article to correct the record. For starters, there is his first name. We all assumed that "Heinz" was his middle name when in fact his first name is Karlheinz.

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  • Peterson: System Standard Rusticated (312) Fishtail

    Issued a U.S. Patent in 1894, Peterson's 'System Standard' has cultivated a dedicated following over the hundred and twenty some odd years since its e...
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    A Law Is Only a Law, But Tobacco Is Tobacco

    Fred Brown
    Okay, I am losing it.
    The Food and Drug Administration has re-written its so-called rules.

    I'm not making this up. The FDA has decided that it needs to define a tobacco product as any product that is "derived from tobacco that is intended for human consumption."

    In other words, a tobacco product is anything that comes from the tobacco leaf, which has been planted into the soil of Mother Earth and has produced a leaf of tobacco.


    We are paying out millions of dollars a year to fund this idiot agency.

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