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“Don’t you have enough pipes? Why do you need another one?” It’s a fair question, though one I’m never happy to hear, especially when it’s coming from a voice in […]

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Problem Child

I’ve had a bunch of pipes through the years. A few have been superstars right out of the starting blocks, many took some time to find their stride, eventually developing […]

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Musings on Pipe Clubs and Pipe Sizes

Spiral Carve Castello KK 55 and Sea Monster Bent (Photo: G.L. Pease)

Saturday, I spent a wonderful day at Ohlone Cigar Lounge in Fremont, CA, sharing the stage with the ever charming Joe Fabian, who was doing a “Trunk Show” of Savinelli […]

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The Ones that Got Away

Peter Heeschen Pipes

There are some who would assert that this whole pipe collecting thing is some sort of disorder, and there are days when I’d scramble to be first in line to […]

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Garfinkel Panel Pipe and Tobacco

I’ve never owned a four-square billiard. I’ve had plenty of pipes with paneled sides, but this venerable classic has always eluded me. Truth told, I’d always considered it something of […]

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Relearning Latakia

Latakia Tobacco

“Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have the definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.” –Special Agent Dale Cooper In […]

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Pipe Therapy

Coffee Beans and Bialetti Moka Express

Last week, I had one of those days when things just don’t go quite right. I’d ordered some specialty coffee from a supplier I’d heard good things about. Specifically, I […]

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Bones to Pick


It doesn’t happen very often – I’m usually a pretty laid back guy – but there are times when I can get really cranky. Usually, it’s over a driver performing […]

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Ghost Busting

“O, begone ye ghosts of tobaccos past! Out, out, I say!” Obviously, I’m not talking about treasured memories of long-gone blends, but of the sometimes everlasting impressions left in the […]

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You Have HOW Many Pipes?

Lots of Pipe Bags Means Lots of Pipes

I actually don’t really know. I mean, I have some vague idea, more of a guess, a sort of order of magnitude dart throw. I swear, this isn’t a point […]

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