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Radio Talk Show

  • Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 475

    Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 475! Our featured interview tonight is with Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the Head Blender at Cornell & Diehl, which is one of the most popular boutique pipe tobacco companies in the USA. Jeremy has been a pipe smoker for over a decade and is passionate about pipes, pipe tobacco, and blending tobacco. He will be talking about the launch of Small Batch Carolina Red Flake with Perique. It launches tonight at midnight! (Eastern US time) At the top of the show Brian will go over an article with evidence of tobacco use from over 12,000 years ago. There’s lots of tobacco talk with Jeremy, plus the article at the top of the show makes for a tobacco packed hour. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

  • Murph - Pipe Making Hobbyist
    Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 474

    Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 474! Our featured interview tonight is with “pipe making hobbyist”, Murph. Even though he won a pipe carving contest back in the ’80’s, he says, “I am not a ‘pipe maker.’  I am a pipe making hobbyist.  I don’t make a business or vocation with my pipes.  I create them as an avocation because I have the time, enjoy the creative process and love the gratification of completing something beautiful, unique and useful.” However, you can buy his pipes. At the top of the show, Brian will report on his nearly three-week trip and cruise through Greece, Italy and Croatia. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

  • Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 473

    Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 473! Our featured interview tonight is with novice pipe smoker Misha Zigas. Misha is from upstate NY and has a BA in Actuarial Science from Binghamton University. He currently resides in Atlanta and is an Account Executive at Gainsight. He started with cigars, and then got into pipes. This episode is another installment in our series of novice pipe smokers (those with 3-5 years of pipe smoking experience) that we pose seven questions to.  At the top of the show, we will have an “Ask the Pipemaker” segment with pipe artisan, Jeff Gracik. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

Tobacco Reviews

  • Vincent Manil Réserve du Patron
    Vincent Manil Réserve du Patron Tobacco Review

    Goodbye, summer—hello autumn.  An interesting theory is summertime is only wildly and emphatically celebrated for one reason:  for a long time, many schooling and education models were designed to both leave room for learning and then agriculture, so families could rely on help from their children during harvest season.  When agriculture productivity changed, the several months of summers off persisted, and lo, we turned it into a “vacation.”  It was the only time we believed we could, or should, take time off or enjoy ourselves.  Thus is born a tolerance of soaring temperatures, scalding sun, unpredictable weather all for the sake of a few moments to extract as much skin-bearing joy as possible out of a lot of daylight.  I never particularly understood it or enjoyed it.  I’m an autumn guy, and I have been since I was a lad.

  • G.L. Pease Samarra Tobacco
    G.L. Pease Samarra Review 2011 Vintage

    There are few things nicer than experiencing the satisfactory hiss of a tin of pipe tobacco that’s been waiting for you to pop it open for a decade.  The smell that comes off the tobacco the second normal atmosphere hits it is as good as opening an oven door to a loaf of freshly baked bread:  and in a way, it smells like it, too.  I almost want to apologize to this tin of GL Pease Samarra from 2011, because the world has changed a lot in that time.  I’ve changed a lot in that time.  It brings about a line a good friend of mine used to say a lot: “Life isn’t complicated.”  He’s right.  It isn’t. We certainly can make it that way at times, but pipes have this funny damned way of reinforcing this point.

  • Cornell & Diehl Americana Tobacco Review

    Hot, hot, hot.  The American West started summer with a hellish vengeance before summer even officially began. It’s made doing everything difficult.  Places like the Northwestern states were seeing temperatures in some places that rivaled that of Phoenix, AZ—except they actually had humidity.  Sagebrush Country where I call home wasn’t as bad off, we’re used to seeing temperatures in the triple digits—well, perhaps a month from now.  “But it’s a dry heat…”…but it’s also the Great Basin’s mile-high elevation that makes the sun feel even more brutal.  It’s going to be a rough summer.


  • Dr. Grabow Commodore Pipe
    How Does it Smoke?

    Between computer failures requiring the replacement of hardware, accompanied by the expected concomitant grumbling, combined with an attack on my otherwise healthy body by a virus of unknown origin, I’ve spent the last several days being, shall we just say, grouchy. Now that the computer problems are mostly behind me, and my own hardware is back to functioning more or less normally, I figured I’d soothe my mood with a nice bowl of something delicious while sitting down to tap out this month’s column. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Heeschen Pipe Twins
    The Pipe Doesn’t Matter

    I hear the rumblings already. “What a load of codswallop, Pease? Of course the pipe matters.” Sure it does, but I can’t count how many times I’ve read similar words to those in the title, and it always makes me a little crazy. Maybe you’re one of those who believes that the briar thing is a load of bogus, that a pipe is nothing more than a vessel in which tobacco is combusted to deliver its smoke to your taste receptors, and once broken in, they’re all about the same. Whichever side of the street you might be on, now that I have your attention, let’s go spelunking a bit, and see what might be found in those dark and spooky caves.

  • Ogden's St. Bruno Rough Cut
    The Curse of Expectations

    Years ago, a friend, I’ll call him Zeke, gave me two tobacco samples in baggies labeled simply “A” and “B,” asking me to give him my thoughts. I smoked both in a variety of pipes, and gave him a call. “Are you taking the mickey? They’re the same. One may have a bit more age on it, but they’re otherwise identical.” He filled me in.

The Pipe Pundit

  • Drink the Wild Air

    Fall is a special time of year for those of us lucky enough to reside near forests. Here lush deciduous trees light up the mornings and evenings with color come October. For those of you in warmer climes, I hear the guffaws already. “Yeah, just wait until the snow flies.” The pundit gets it. Yes, we have snow here in the Southland, but that is a very small price to pay to look out amongst the hills shining brightly in October and November, before shedding leaves all over the place, including clogging house gutters.

  • The Pundit's Fall Haul of Pipes and Tobacco
    Prepping for Pipe-gating

    Say, what is that aroma wafting about? Latakia? Yenidje? Izmir? Maybe. But could it be college football season is in the air and tailgate cookouts are smoking up the place? Or, yes, the World Series is just around the corner, and it’s time for brewskis, bratwurst, and bragging rights? Perhaps it is all of the above. To the Pundit’s way of putting things together, there is not much better in this strange world than a fresh pipe bowl of an English blend or a pure Virginia on a coolish college football Saturday.

  • Ceci-n'est-pas-une-pipe
    Old-Fashioned in a Hurly-Burly World

    Let’s take a break from all the doom and gloom, shall we? It’s summertime and the sunny side of life calls. I always loved the song, “Keep on The Sunny Side of Life.” Just call me old-fashioned. I like pipes and tobacco, front porches, wooden rocking chairs, and grandpas smoking Prince Albert and smiling while observing grandkids cavorting in the yard with their dog.