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Drucquer & Sons Inns of Court Tobacco Review

“Spare me the unsolicited lecture about addiction, I don’t believe a man’s contentment comes from purity—it comes from innocent vices and the reasonable cognitive dissonance about them.”

I’m sharing that line because I spewed it in some haste to someone commenting about my pipe smoking.  The summer around my neck of the sagebrush has been hot, and literally, on fire.  The wildfire smoke from local and regional catastrophes has been awful.  As an outdoor smoker, this left me with fleeting moments to do what I do, and that includes writing about pipe tobacco.  It’s also made it rather difficult to deal with people who, on top of everything else going on, have been edgy and much more bold in their opinions of what everyone else is doing.  When I explained to this particular complainant I’m merely doing my job smoking this evil, briar crucible of terror, I gained a bit of much-needed pleasure by telling them to mind their own damned business in a decent, honest manner.

Radio Talk Show

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 418

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 418! Our featured interview tonight is part two with Sykes Wilford and Antonio “Tony” Saintiague from SmokingPipes.com. SmokingPipes.com is approaching their 20th anniversary, and we have a special two-part interview to help celebrate it. Tony was with Sykes in the early days, and held several different positions over nine years before leaving in 2009 to continue his education. (Incidentally, this is when our show host, Brian Levine, took over as General Manager of SmokingPipes.) Tony still attends major company events and some shows. We’ll have some great stories from the early years.  At the top of the show, for our pipe parts segment, Brian will have a review of Solani Yellow 633 Virginia Flake.  Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

The Pipe Pundit

You Can Go Home Again

September is always a good time to think about what’s next. Such as the end of summer, the start of fall, and football, maybe?

There is always hope. I know, that’s too Pollyanna for most tough guy pipe smokers.

But maybe we need more hope and less reality now. Or something.

Our pipes and tobacco in the time of the coronavirus, with apologies to Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez and his masterful Love in the Time of Cholera novel, can provide that relief and retreat from the grind of nonstop news.

Like the family dog, our pipes and tobacco offer that welcoming feel of loyalty, friendship, and love. It is omnipresent and unconditional.

These times remind us why we need our family, friends, and pipes.

Pipe Collecting

Trevor Barton Collection of Pipes up for Auction Sept. 2020

From the Editor: Trevor Barton was a British pipe collector that favored historical non-briar pipes, such as: native American, tribal, ceremonial, art pieces, porcelain, ivory, and meerschaum. He ammassed a huge collection of pipes, along with smoking ephemera such as tobacco boxes, carved wood pipe cases, books, and large tobacco advertising figures in carved wood.

Via Press Release: Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers are to disperse one of the world’s finest collections of pipes and smoking accoutrements across a number of sales this year. The Trevor Barton (1920-2008) collection represents more than 50 years of acquisition and study, by a Hertfordshire pipe collector known to many in the antiques trade as ‘The Pipe Man’.

Mr. Barton began collecting pipes and other tobacco-related items in 1947, shortly after he was demobbed (British for discharged from the military). His son (also Trevor) recalls life in a small Tudor cottage in Hertfordshire surrounded by hundreds of pipes and regular visits from other enthusiasts, including fellow members of the Academie Internationale de la Pipe (the collecting association formed in 1984). “Dad was a true collector. One day he bought an antique pipe on a London street market. Within a few weeks he had ten, then 20. The collection then just kept growing for the next 50 years.” His father would unfailingly rise before dawn every Friday to attend Bermondsey market and then Portobello on Saturdays – the stallholders all familiar with ‘The Pipe Man.’

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