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Happy Pipe, Happy Life

Some old friends take center stage at beginning of a new year of pipes and tobacco. From left, an ancient Ashton Brindle, an English made Royal Fallings basket pipe from the 1960s and a Deluxe Peterson System 9S, one of the large bent billiards in the Deluxe System chart. (Photo by Fred Brown)

Walking about a rock-strewn riverbank, flyrod in hand and pipe clenched firmly, it came time to just sit and observe life around me. It was a misty morning, coolish, water […]

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Happy New Pipe Year!

From left: Cornell & Diehl Charles Towne Cobbler; Southport Ferryman; Kingston Judge; and The Honeypot Photo by Fred Brown

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. The Pundit starts each new year with a new cob. It’s been a custom since the beginning of time. Call it a cob […]

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Ghosts of Christmas Present

The Peterson Christmas 2022 B42 Darwin in all its copper glory. Photo by Fred Brown

Two of the larger-than-life names at this time of year, other than the pipe-puffing big white bearded guy in the North Pole, who runs a shop full of elves and […]

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Of Pipes and Dancing Elves

From L-R: The Rich Lewis Custom Bill NASPC 2014 POY atop a fresh tin of Low County Atalaya a ready-rubbed blend combining Red and Bright Virginias from 2019 with C&D's proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish. Peterson’s Grafton System Pipe Travel Case specifically designed for Peterson System pipes, with matching leather pipe stand and a green suede tobacco pouch. Front: Peterson's Thinking Man pewter tamper, attributed to Peterson’s 1905 slogan, "The Thinking Man Smokes a Peterson Pipe." Far right: Fresh tin of C&D Low Country Edisto blend, Red Virginias pressed and sliced into flakes. Photo by Fred Brown

For the old Pundit, who has been puffing pipes since his college days in the 1960s, this time of year is what is known here in Punditland as the “in-betweens.” […]

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Autumnal Comings and Goings

October is that deep-breath month we take when the sizzle of summer begins to fizzle and fades into the joys of autumn. The month always puts me in the mood […]

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Truer than True, a Thing or Two

Old friends of the Pundit Precious Herd. From left to right a vintage Peterson St. Patrick’s Day, a 1960s basket Dublin, a Michel Deluxe Lovat Made in England of unknown purchase date and a Dunhill 5103 Amber Root, also of unknown purchase date. Photo by Fred Brown

Call me an Anglophile. That’s okay. I become all misty-eyed when I think of the British Isles. Now, don’t get Pundit wrong, I’ve visited France and Germany and enjoyed tripping […]

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More Is Better, Maybe!

L-R: Missouri Meerschaum Southport Ferryman from Cornell & Diehl to honor the company’s Carolina history; Northern Briars Countryman, group five, handmade by Ian Walker in his Northern England shop. (Photo: Fred Brown)

Ah, the dog days of summer. Just think of your poor family dog who must endure the heat and humidity in a fur coat. The Pundit’s beautiful Golden Retriever just […]

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Law of Binding Energy

This may sound a bit over the top, but our pipe community is held together by some equivalent of the law of binding energy. So sayeth Dr. Pundit. Harrumph! Simply […]

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A Trip to Tobaccoland

From Left: C&D's Palmetto Balkan, Savinelli's new and beautiful Ottagono sandblast and Peterson's amazing Emerald Rusticated P-Lip XL-90 along with two other standby blends. Photo by Fred Brown

We are not in Kansas any longer, Toto. No. We are in Tobaccoland, nirvana, land of honey and Virginia, latakia, perique, and cavendish blended to a taste of the extraordinary. […]

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Once More, Dear Lads, Once More

Ah, the joys of spring. April showers bringing May flowers, trees budding, birds flitting in fits of joy, and hope springing eternal. As our friend e.e. cummings said, “always it’s […]

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