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Pipes Running Amok!


Pundit is a pipe smoker who never sleeps. No, that’s not right. Pundit is a pipe smoker who is always thinking about pipes and tobacco. Even in his sleep. Well, […]

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Huffing and Puffing in the Wildwoods

Some pipes cleaned and ready to go in search of wildflowers. Bottom left: A Cavicchi; bottom right: White Dot; top left to right: veteran Petersons (Photo: Fred Brown)

You know the olde saw: April’s showers bring May flowers.” Just to let you know, Pundit is all in on May and the flowers. Not that Pundit is a knowledgeable […]

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Marching Into Spring


February’s International Pipe-Smoking Day was more than just another moment of relaxation for Pundit. It took me back to a time in Paris when I was wandering somewhere around the […]

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Of Dear Friends and Pipes


Fair warning: Pundit is coming in lukewarm: There arises a day, methinks, when it’s time in Pipelandia to thin the herd. I always look to February for the thinning stint […]

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New Resolutions, New Pipes

Bringing in the New Year with the old and something new (Photo: Fred Brown)

A new year and the great titans of Pipelandia are firing up their imaginations, and perhaps cleaning out leftover dust and detritus from 2023’s production. At this new juncture, deities […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Pipes and Tobacco

A Norman Rockwell Pipe Gift Set from a Pundit Christmas Past (Photo: Fred Brown)

By now you are aware that it is Christmas time in the city, the burbs, and the outback. Or it’s close to hour for the heavily bearded roly-poly fellow stuffed […]

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A Mile High and Connected

Craggy Pipes in the Pundit herd, from Ser Jacopos to Petes

This will be a bit of a stretch, a hill, a ridge too far for some of my pipe-smoking friends. Let’s just say the Pundit continues to suffer from being […]

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Falling Leaves and a Pipe

A plethora of pipes, from Ashton to Northern Briar, Dunhill, Peterson with some fav blends. All ready for fall (Photo: Fred Brown)

At last, maybe, summer’s hot breath is fading into fall’s blessed currents that chill the morning air and put a lively step in the morning walk. Fall mornings are ready-made […]

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Road Forks and Observations

Steamworks, the latest Small Batch blend from Cornell & Diehl, is a delight in the pipe. (Photo: Fred Brown)

This is the fun time of the year, methinks. Major League Baseball is winding down into its playoff madness when the Boys of Summer become the Boys of October. High […]

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A Mile High Looking for Pipes and Tobacco


If you ever venture out to the mile-high city of Denver, Colo., and you are seeking a unique smoking experience (not in the sense of the word that rhymes with […]

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