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We Will Prevail

Grantland Rice

The greatest deception men suffer from their own opinions—Leonardo Da Vinci, 1452-1519 Pay attention, boys, and girls. I’m only going to say this once: In this time of 16th and 17th-century thinking, if you surmise that the sky is falling, frogs are raining down, and clouds of locust swarms have you terrified, take heart. Here […]

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Old Dogs and New Tricks


This is going to hurt you more than it does me. Well, maybe. You know the adage you can lead a horse (I prefer a mule) to water but can’t make it drink! Or the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. My favorite is you can’t teach an old dog […]

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TAD (Tobacco Acquisition Disorder) Gone Wild

Have you ever had this thought cross your mind: your tobacco cellar, chock full of all those terrific blends from yesteryear, are likely to outlive you! Yes, I have! Just the other day, when I was taking stock of the elder cellar, of which I pride myself upon, a light dawned. Ladies and germs, uh, […]

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A Special Time

Well, here we go! A new year is upon us. Not only a shining New Year but also a new Decade! Would somebody please tell me what happened to the last decade? It slipped by me somehow. My New Year’s Resolution otherwise referred to in Punditland as NYR, is to pay more attention to life […]

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Cirrus Clouds of a Smoky Christmas

Let’s call this a Christmas story, cut in half. There are significant influences in our lives other than pipes and tobaccos, as you know. I don’t believe I just wrote that. You can probably think of many others who have inspired and motivated you during this time of giving and remembering those who have meant […]

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As Time Goes By

Neerup Classic Pipe

Okay, here is the scoop, just in time for Thanksgiving and bird-carving: My opposable thumbs have become opposing digits. Imagine! In other words, after years of typing on everything from an ancient Underwood the size of a modern-day airplane carry-on bag and advancing all the way up to nano-sized smartphone keyboards, my thumbs have decided […]

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Numero Uno on the Colorado Bucket List for Pipe & Cigar Aficionados

Havana Manor, Longmont CO

In the fire and fury of Colorado’s early beginnings – millions of years ago, mountains were pushed up to massive heights like wrinkles in a crumpled rug. Over the vast eons of geologic time, the Great Rocky Mountains climbed skyward, elongating from Northern British Columbia down through central New Mexico and on West. One of […]

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We Are the Inheritors

Some Thoughts on Pipes and Tobacco: The history of pipes and tobacco have always been a fascination for me, and I suspect, you as well. That history is chock full of rich surprises and downright fantastic backstories. Take for example this tidbit: Try to date the beginnings of tobacco. You, there in the back with […]

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Forty Years of Leaf and Bowl with Friends and Heroes

The heart of every pipe smoker beats precipitously faster at the thought of that one go-to pipe in his or her collection. Let’s talk pipes and tobaccos, shall we? We all love our pipes and tobaccos, right? And most of us have the pipe addition affliction, and the tobacco addiction affliction, which means we are […]

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A Pipe for All Seasons

The heart of every pipe smoker beats precipitously faster at the thought of that one go-to pipe in his or her collection. Call it, “A Pipe for All Seasons.” Now, the heavens aren’t going to open with a magnum opus chorus with colorful birds zipping around with pretty bunting strips. No. But, if you smoke […]

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