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The Past is Never Dead


July is a month of milestones for pipe smokers. You read that right. As the nation celebrates 245 years of independence, escaping from the clutches of rascally British King George III’s erratic rule, pipe smokers commemorate the history of pipes and tobacco that played a role in that history. Another huge milepost is this month’s […]

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Puff Gently into That Good Night

The Author's Edward's Pipes

This is a love story that dates to the 1950s and continues into the present. It has to do with A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, to call upon the great Proustian muse. Whether or not you translate the above to “Remembrance of Things Past,” or “In Search of Lost Time,” is, of course, a […]

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Greatest of Hobbies Is a Friend for Life

Some of the Author's Pipes & Accessories

Let’s return now to a more romantic and simpler time when pace and society were slower. It’s the 1940s just after the end of World War II. Soldiers are returning home to pick up their lives and loves. The nation was doing its best to reboot to whatever normal was, to get back to life […]

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White Dots, English Pipes and Spring

English pipes from left to right Northern Briars Countryman, Dunhill Shell Briar Group 4, Dunhill Shell Briar Group 5, Ashton Pebble Grain LX

This thing of ours, this pipe passion, and tobacco zeal are quite extraordinary. And why is our pleasure so special? Oh, let me count the ways. Pipes and tobacco connect us not only to history but also to the very Earth we inhabit. Briar and tobacco leaf originate and grow from the soil, of course, […]

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A Pipe Cantata


Literature and history have always been a part of my life. I enjoy reading and have always been fascinated by American and world events and history. And this rich vein of discovery has led me to the great literary and historical figures who were pipe smokers. As you in Pipe World know, there are just […]

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To Our True Best Friends

2005 Charles Peterson 140th Anniversary Pipe

The older one grows, the more one likes indecency—Virginia Woolf Lately, I’ve been on a Virginia Woolf reading binge. It’s been an assignment my daughters have given me, to, uhm, broaden my literary horizons. And I’ve been surprised a bit. I must have missed Woolf in my college English Lit days. I was too caught […]

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New Pipe Year Resolutions

W. Somerset Maugham

A new year and a brand new canvas! Thank goodness. It is time to move on and look toward a brighter time. And with that, how about some New Pipe Year Resolutions straight from the Pundit Resolute Desk! Although these are Pundit Resolutions for the New Pipe Year, feel free to claim as your own […]

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A Season to Remember


Yes, dear reader, the Pundit has lost it! Blame it on lingering aftershocks of Thanksgiving stupor. Too much turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, cornbread, green beans, and the whole Thanksgiving-Christmas continuum overload. And, yes, the Pundit has purchased, yet another, Peterson Christmas pipe, or two, to prove the Pundit always practices what […]

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Now that we have concluded America’s pressing business, well, so to speak, it’s time to move on to more important events. Such as, there is not much time left for two big tent occurrences: Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. For us pipe smokers, a month or two is a blink in time. See, we put in […]

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‘Tis the Season

Okay, so the world is coming to an end! Do not panic. Remember, this the “howling month” of Halloween. Do not despair. The Pundit says “supposed” final endings are passing fads, they come, and they fade away. Nothing to fret over. Just get out your pipe and favorite tobacco, fill up a bowl, light, and […]

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