Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 606

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 606

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 606. Our featured interview tonight is with Per George Jensen. Most pipe enthusiasts know Per as the longtime Mac Baren Tobacco Company spokesman. Last year he made some changes in his life. He got married, moved to Germany and parted ways with Mac Baren, but not with the tobacco business. He is consulting with Sutliff Tobacco Co., and he created the popular and unique signature tobacco series, “Pipe Force”. Tonight’s discussion will include details on Per’s line of blending tobacco, which has something for everyone. You can smoke them straight, but if you want to blend tobaccos, we will have some good advice on this episode. At the top of the show, since it’s springtime, Brian will discuss seasonal tobaccos and answer two questions that come up often.

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Per Georg Jensen
Per Georg Jensen

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2 Responses

  • Some interesting suggestions in answering the questions about seasonal changes in tobacco choices. It won’t affect my habits, which are to smoke what I want when I want, but they may provide added enjoyment to beginning and even seasoned smokers (pun intended).
    I always enjoy Per’s visits to the show. His nice words about the Chicago show were duly noted. Thanks. Per speaking about tobaccos and blending is always an education, a Master’s class.
    JJ Grey & Mofro’s “Everything Is A Song” was a good choice. The lyrics are amazing.
    Good point in the rant. Always buy the product not the tchotchke.
    Thanks for another fine show.

  • I always enjoy your opening remarks on your show. This time I could listen to them and ignore them at the same time. Like Dino I smoke my pipe where and when I feel like it with the tobacco of my choosing. Seasonal smoking not what I have to do. I basically smoke the three blends I have in my rotation and that is that. Sometimes only having one taste bud comes in handy.
    I enjoy your conversations with Per very much. He is a very pleasant personage on your show. And his discussions about tobaccos and blending are interesting to me on a superficial level, but it still comes down to taste and I am woefully packing in that. One taste bud is a problem at times.
    I did kind of enjoy JJ Grey and Mofro’s song but a little goes a long way.
    I think a lot of us have gotten caught up in the tchotchke trap in our lives. Good reminder to not to do that.
    Very good show as always.


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