Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 605

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 605

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 605. Our featured interview tonight is with Pete Prevost. Pete is a pipe maker and the President of the BriarWorks pipe factory in Columbia Tennessee. BriarWorks is a a pipe maker co-op with several other pipe makers, including Todd Johnson, who co-founded it with Pete. Brian and Pete will be talking about what’s new at BriarWorks, and how they are getting ready to attend the Chicago pipe show. (This was recorded before the show that took place last weekend.) At the top of the show, Brian will give his report of his travels and what happened at the Chicago show.

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Pete Prevost
Pete Prevost

BriarWorks Website

Brian and Grand Daughter Emma
Brian “G. Puffy” Levine with his Grand Daughter Emma – from the next generation of “My grandfather smoked a pipe.”

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2 Responses

  • Nice review of our show! Thanks for the shout-outs. However, Al and I didn’t get to present our Sherlock Holmes seminar (hopefully, next year).
    It was great to hear from Pete about the success of the Muletown Show. His review of the show and comparing it to the larger shows in which he’s involved, including how he prepares for a show, was both interesting and heartening.
    Wah Wah Watson’s “Cry Baby” was so wonderfully funky. Thanks.
    Brian, you too are now a Papouli! Mazel tov! Beautiful photo.
    And yes, it was great to spend some time with you in Chicago.
    That was a very nice dedication to Craig. May his memory be eternal.
    Thanks for a totally entertaining show.

  • A really good show. The Chicago Show was fabulous as usual. I saw lots of pictures and they all looked great. For some reason nobody had a thing to say about Craig Cobine’s passing. How quickly everyone forgets. I guess I am surprised at this but that’s the way things are.
    I appreciated your announcement of the recipients of the Masters of Pipes and Doctors of Pipes. I agree that Steve Norse was a worthy recipient.
    Good interview with Pete Provost. He has been one busy guy the last few months. Muletown has really stepped up its place as a quality pipe show with Briarworks leading the way.
    Brian, congratulations on becoming a grandfather!! It is the best job in the world!! You are about to find why I have often said if I had known what it meant to be a grandparent I would have skipped the middleman.
    Didn’t care for Wah Wah’s song much. I would greatly prefer it I never heard him again.
    Very nice tribute you did for Craig Cobine at the end of the show.

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