Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 604

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 604

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 604. Our featured interview tonight is with Jon David Cole. JD is the Owner/Tobacconist at The Country Squire in Jackson, MS, and he is the former co-host of the podcast, Country Squire Radio, which ended their 10-year run last year. We’ll have JD with the “From the Country Squire” segment talking about all the new things happening at the store and in the business in general. At the top of the show, we’ll continue our audio tour of Brian’s pipe collection.

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Jon David Cole
Jon David Cole
Brian's J. Alan Pipes
Brian’s J. Alan Pipes

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2 Responses

  • I enjoyed the continuing “tour” of your pipes.
    JD and you always have fun conversations, sharing stories and reminiscences. It’s nice to listen in while you guys shoot-the-shit. Some good “pipe show” talk.
    Jason Isbell’s “Cover Me Up” was an achingly beautiful love song. Nice choice.
    Yes, parents must be responsible for their kids. It was satisfying to see the court locking up the folks of that murderous teen for being totally irresponsible parents. Though I doubt it will have a measurable impact on the rise of disconnected parenting.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show. See you in Chicago.

  • Your tour of your J. Alan pipes was very good. I like your reference those pipes being like Jody Davis in their smoking abilities. Hogh praise indeed.
    Another good conversation with the Sage of Jackson, Mississippi. JD has a lot of enjoyable stories to tell about himself and the tobacco business. Glad to hear business is still good down there.
    The music selection was fairly good. Not a bad choice.
    Kids are becoming one hell of a problem. It seems like parents say they are your problem when they take them somewhere. Being somewhat curmudgeonly in my view of this attitude I have just about ran out of people who can come over. I’ve always had a problem with children, but this is really pushing my buttons.
    Wish I was going to Chicago!!

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