Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 608

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 608

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 608. Our featured interview tonight is with Nathan Davis of Greywoodie Fame. Nathan has been known as one of the biggest fans of Kaywoodie, and now he owns the company. Nathan started as a collector of Kaywoodie, then became a dealer and launched his Greywoodie site. Kaywoodie is a 173 year old company owned by the same family for four generations until now. He goes by CrashTheGrey in the Pipes Magazine forums, and is also the organizer of the Capitaland Pipe Show, and has his own podcast. We’ll hear first hand about his exciting journey, and what he has planned for the future of Kaywoodie. At the top of the show, Brian will dispel some myths about the bottom of the pipe bowl.

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Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis

Greywoodie Website

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2 Responses

  • With respect to your “At the top of the show” bottom of the bowl myth busting … Word.
    I enjoyed revisiting with Nathan. His summary of the Kaywoodie pipe story, then and now, was interesting, moving and inspiring. I, too, wish Bill a speedy and complete recovery.
    Dean Martin and Neal Hefti, “April in Paris”, sublime.
    Wonderful show, as always. Thanks!

  • The bottom of the bowl is a place of importance to some folks, but it doesn’t particularly weigh heavily in mine. I have never burned a pipe out in 50+ years of smoking. As far as people “smoking the pipe to the bottom of the bowl” and bragging about it. That’s just the sounds a man makes when he can’t satisfy his woman.
    Nathan has embarked on an ambitious journey to return Kaywoodie pipes to their former glory. Bill Fuerbach (sp,?) did a wonderful job with the company but with age comes a loss of heath as well as a loss of vision. It was nice to see him turn his one-man operation over to a guy who loves the Kaywoodie brand and what it means to the pipe world. The problem is Nathan is just one-man, too. Hopefully he will add some people that will permit him to grow the business. Good Luck, Nathan!! And my best wishes to Bill in his rather longer road to recovery from his health problems.
    For once I can’t join you in celebrating a Dean Martin number. That number was dreadful to me. What about Dino and Ricky doing their duet on the cowboy classic, “My Rifle, My Pony and Me”.

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