Great News for Fans of Peterson Pipes & Accessories

Great News for Fans of Peterson Pipes & Accessories

Peterson Pipes New Website – The Most Complete Resource for Peterson Enthusiasts

Kapp & Peterson, the oldest continuously operating briar pipe factory in the world, launches new retail website,

Via Press Release – 

Dublin, Ireland: Laudisi Ireland, the parent company of Kapp & Peterson, Peterson of Dublin, and, has today announced the release of a newly redesigned website dedicated to the Kapp & Peterson brand, the oldest continuously operating briar pipe factory in the world. A complete catalogue and light e-commerce website, aims to elevate Kapp & Peterson’s online presence while educating consumers and retailers alike through detailed taxonomy and historically accurate information. The platform is now positioned as the first and only place on the internet to definitively catalogue everything Kapp & Peterson produces, even when currently unavailable. It represents the complete current understanding of the Peterson brand.

1909 111 Grafton Street Storefront
1909 111 Grafton Street Storefront (Dublin)

Taxonomy: The information architecture of is based on a strict taxonomy, the same categorization and classifications used on the factory floor, including multiple ranges such as Classic, Premium Classic, and High Grade, as well as the System and Sherlock Holmes collections. Each of these ranges contains all the series and finishes currently in production, followed by a complete list of all shapes corresponding to each line. Moreover, each level of this taxonomy contains historically accurate descriptions and detailed photographs to not only aid in user experience, but to help tell the Kapp & Peterson story.

Pipes & Accessories: Unlike other retail or brochure websites, lists every single pipe and accessory in Kapp & Peterson’s current portfolio, whether or not it’s currently available for purchase. It’s the full compendium of Kapp & Peterson’s current production, making it an excellent reference for both consumers and retailers.

Light E-commerce Functionality: While not all pipes and accessories listed are available for purchase, consumers can still place orders for any product marked available, to be fulfilled by the shipping and customer service teams at Laudisi Ireland.

Additional Resources: In addition to a complete listing of all products currently produced by Kapp & Peterson, also provides a curated list of recommended resources for expanding the user’s knowledge of the brand, as well as a comprehensive staff list and additional information about Kapp & Peterson’s historic brick & mortar store, Peterson of Dublin, on Nassau St.

A special thanks to Mark Irwin and Gary Malmberg for their excellent resource, The Peterson Pipe: The Story of Kapp & Peterson. Without the tremendous effort Mark and Gary put into this work, the quality, consistency, and user experience of would not have been the same.

Great News for Fans of Peterson Pipes & Accessories

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6 Responses

  • Sweet! Glad the website got the much needed update that @swilford wrote about in a post. I look forward to perusing it!

    • Are Peterson’s your most preferite pipes? I started with Peterson and I remained faithful to it. Only once I bought another pipe a Winslow one and some Meershaums.

  • Look forward to getting into the new site soon. Even more returning to the shop in Dublin. What a treat!

  • The White Spot at intervals shapes a pipe according to a design not made for some time, yet even they don’t have a website such as this. In the end it adds commercial value.