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General Pipe Smoking Discussion – General meanderings about pipes and pipe smoking. Tell us what you like and dislike, recent smoking experiences like describing the relaxing setting you smoked your pipe in after having an awesome dinner. 11,151 229,619
Pipe Smoking Basics & Beginner Questions РThere’s no such thing as a dumb question. This is the friendliest and most pleasant pipe forum in the world. Ask away! 1,365 23,077
Buy/Sell/Trade – This forum allows members to Buy/Sell/Trade with each other. [No Classified Ads, such as -I am looking for ...fill in the blank.] MINIMUM OF 100 POSTS REQUIRED - and no padding your post count - 4-months membership required as well. When a member does so, they are doing it at their own risk. is not held responsible for any of the Buying, Selling, and Trading that goes on in this forum. The responsibility falls solely on the individuals that are doing the transaction. If someone does not honor their side of the transaction, you can post that they didnt. There is nothing that we can do if someone doesnt honor their side, so please do not complain to us about. Give the person ample time to honor their side and after all reasonable attempts to resolve the situation has failed, post who it was so others do not fall victim to them. 110 1,346
Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Discuss and comment on the latest talk show, list suggestions for topics and interviewees. 193 2,144
Pipe Tobacco Reviews – What did you smoke, what did it taste like, did you like it, yes or no and why? Where did you get it? Post up some pictures too! 1,159 14,438
Pipe Tobacco Discussion – All kinds of talk and questions about pipe tobacco without a formal review. Aromatics, English blends, Burley, Cavendish, Latakia, Maryland, Perique, Turkish and Virginia. 5,165 116,096
Pipe Talk – Check out my Pipe! Tell us about your pipe collection, what you recently bought and post pictures of your pipes. 7,353 118,896
British Pipes – Discuss your favorite British brands of pipes, current production and estates.
89 1,357
Meerschaum Pipes – Meerschaum pipes have some dedicated fans. Here\'s where you can get really detailed talking about meerschaums.
43 481
Pipe Repair and Maintenance – How to keep your pipes in good shape and how to fix them when things go wrong, or just wear out. 1,205 15,495
Pipe Events – Tell us about your upcoming event and post info and pictures of events you went to 264 3,267
Pipe Clubs – Promote your local pipe club here. 438 3,980
Tobacco Legislation – Discuss the latest insanity and attacks on our freedoms. It may seem like the Twilight Zone forum, but its toabcco legislation. 347 5,819
Pipe Tobacconists - B&M's and Internet Retailers – Post about any retailer you went to and tell us why they are awesome or why they are just a big wet smoke 583 6,950
Pipes Accessories – Discuss lighters, tampers, stands, racks, carry cases, pipe maintenance, etc 709 11,943 – Discussion regarding this forum's parent site,, belongs here. 216 3,495
Food & Drink - Restaurants and at Home - Recipes Too – Share your experiences with food, drinks, wine, recipes, restaurants, etc. 264 6,191
General Discussion – Talk about the weather, movies, TV, books, magazines and your favorite color 4,490 95,566
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