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  1. spyder71

    Sleeper Blends

    For me it is Haunted Bookshop. I love Burley and Perique and this is my go to everyday smoke.
  2. spyder71

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    I am permanently disabled so I don't "work", but I do clean up and resell estate pipes that I scrounge off of Flea-Bay.
  3. spyder71

    Empty Tobacco Tins - Any Creative Uses?

    If the stickers are peel-able I re-stick them to the tops of my Mason jars :puffpipe:
  4. spyder71

    Mr. Brog's Great Customer Service

    How does a pipe with that many flaws even get out of the factory?
  5. spyder71

    A Lepeltier Clay Pipes Review

    That is a very cool looking pipe, congrats!
  6. spyder71

    Do You Smoke Through Your Cold/Flu?

    Must have my Nic, cold flu or otherwise.
  7. spyder71

    Your Favorite Pipe Smoking "Tip"

    I have pipes that I started out new this way and the cake just seems to build itself up to a sustainable thickness :)
  8. spyder71

    My New Meerschaum Pipe

    Love the nice smooth lines of this one, hope it colors nicely for ya!
  9. spyder71

    Can A Pipe Be Too Beautiful To Smoke? (PICS)

    Love the silver! @yadan, I ran across my Viking in an estate sale and was a little surprised that I had not heard of them before.
  10. spyder71

    Lucky Man (Yep, this guy.)

    Great score on the wife and the pipe!
  11. spyder71

    Your Favorite Pipe Smoking "Tip"

    My favorite tip so far is to dry ream with a paper towel after your done with the pipe. I almost never have to ream a pipe and my cakes are just thinner than a dime.
  12. spyder71


    Walker Briar Works fixed a broken stem for me and did an awesome job.
  13. spyder71

    New Member Here from Michigan (Meerschaum Pipe Pics Included)

    Welcome to the forums and hello from a fellow Michigander! I'm a Troll, how bout you?
  14. spyder71

    More Stanwell PAD....Golden Danish (45)

    Nice pipe! I have a Golden Danish and just love the thing, smokes great and is very well made.
  15. spyder71

    Favorite Cob

    Diplomat for me :)