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    New Box Pass Thread

    So five days ago he says put me on hold. Because I'm not even in town for a couple days, thinking well it will be a couple weeks I get treated like this! Read the history, glad to see Jason, who saved the box after the thefts finally sees a full box. Those of us who waited almost a year didn't...
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    New Box Pass Thread

    I'm here! 8O I'm on here everyday :nana: If you look I'm in a thread most days. I this thread when it pops up, but what should I do ... wave. You know this thread falls off most of the days with so many posts. Craig
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    Capstan Blue Flake

    The blue flake is the best of the four. Craig
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    Samuel Gawith Grousemoor

    Grousemoor for me is one of those tobacco's I'll pick up for a few days, every few months. Craig
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    How Do You Change Your Display/User Name?

    On a similar subject. I uploaded a new profile image, even deleting the one showing and it still stays the same. It's not a big deal, I just went through all my SM sites, updating my image. It's been the same for three years. Craig
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    5000 Posts and a Surprise Late Night Call

    Typical Peck. If we do the math, removing all the posts that didn't offer help or guidance to the forum... Gratz on 1000 posts! :nana: Just kidding, but I can post your real picture 8O Craig
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    Bulk tobaccos: best bang for your buck?

    SG- BBF,FVF,SJF 250 gram box. PS navy flake, BEF 1lb boxes. H&H read the mixes and buy in 8oz tins not loose bulk. Now how much you smoke determines how much you put into your smoking rotation. The only thing that ages is Virginia so break that up and cellar it for at least a year. Craig
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    First impressions of several Hearth & Home blends

    Jar AK for a year or more... :worship: Craig
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    New Box Pass Thread

    So true Woods! A book of joy and tears, hero's and villains. If you get the box, there's history that follows it's journey. Craig
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    New Box Pass Thread

    So glad to see you get that box Jason. You're truly the reason this didn't just die off. As I've been reading back through the thread, Wood's you're a great captain at the wheel! Great job everyone! Craig
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    Closed Topics?

    Unfortunately a thread wasn't closed soon enough and cost us one of our best members. Won't mention his name but 15K posts in 13 months. Craig
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    Any Gamers On Here?

    If you want to test yourself in the number one competitive scene then DOTA2 is your game. Tough learning curve but they even have “schools” with people helping you learn the game while in game. It’s also free-to-play and people can’t buy any advantage. FPS is defiantly Counter Strike. Steam...
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    Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake

    It's no Escudo, but it was never meant to be. For the price it a fine smoke, MUCH better if you jar it up for a year or more. I grabbed a box about a year and a half ago and stacked the coins up in tall 4oz. mason jars. Perfect tobacco to open space ratio. While I'm working on one the rest are...
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    Pear Wood Brog as first pipe?

    A few members here sell perfectly fine refurbished estate briar pipes for around $15. Most of mine are estate pipes I bought a couple at a time from Ebay and cleaned them up myself. It's not very hard, a little work and you have a nice pipe. Now get some quality tobacco, best to get a little...
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    First VaPer: H&H Anniversary Kake

    AK is one of my favorites (really Craig?) to get the best out of it you need to jar it for a year. It settles into a fantastic blend. If you like the reds then SG SJF should be on the list. For browns of course Escudo. All the Perique seems to do better with age. All VA tobacco should be aged...