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Steve Morrisette
The subject of wristwatches has been on my mind of late
and I thought it might be of interest to examine this small corner of the vast horological world.

Subset of a Subset: Though aviator watches and military type watches are a subset of the larger subset of sports watches, they have fairly recently gained much wider popularity.

I suppose if future 007’s continue the timepiece migration that began with the Rolex Submariner and moved to the Omega Seamaster to say, the Omega "Dark Side of the Moon" Speedmaster, we’ll know that the pilot/aviator watch phase has passed permanently into an established icon and style cue. (The Omega Speedmaster line is the famous "moon watch" – the first wristwatch on the moon.)

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Fit your Body, Fit your Face
    June 11th, 2014

Steve Morrisette
There are three main elements
that warrant close consideration in a gentleman’s or lady’s sartorial choices.

These are fit, fabric and style. Fit is overwhelmingly the most important. It actually deserves more attention than the other two combined. This is because fit has the most profound effect on our visual impression and our physical (and psychological) comfort.

Proper fit makes the most of a garment’s potential to feel good on, move well with us, draw a flattering line and enhance all other elements of a garment and an outfit.

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Cool Threads and Hot Links:
    May 7th, 2014

Summerware & Cigars on the Green

Steve Morrisette
As I have often said;
there are clothes and there is style and I wish to address the nexus of the two now as the weather warms. I find the toughest challenge in looking good is hot weather. I detest being uncomfortably hot. But, I just cannot be out and about in a T-shirt, cutoffs and flip flops. No one has ever looked good in such an outfit. Imagine your favorite actress or actor in a graphic tee, cut off jeans and flip flops. It’s sexy perhaps on a woman, but sloppy on a guy and just generally unfortunate on both.

So what do I do, or rather, wear? The first consideration for garments is the fabric. Like a good cigar or well made pipe, free airflow is critical.

Linen, light cottons, seersucker, and a new fabric called Fresco are all good and attractive choices.

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Bags, Jackets and Baggy Jackets
    April 7th, 2014

Steve Morrisette
In my opinion, the garment that most immediately and dramatically upgrades one’s look is a sport coat, or blazer. Slip one on and you look more put together, more elegant and generally people see you as just a bit classier looking than the other guys in just their shirt sleeves. And that is even if you are wearing just a tee under it, though I would generally avoid that choice unless you can really pull it off. Don Johnson not withstanding, unless you are blessed with incredible Italianesque sartorial charisma, a collared shirt is a must under a coat for most men.

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Steve Morrisette
As the weather stubbornly remains cold and inclement
for the most of us in the northern hemisphere, a column on hats, gloves and umbrellas, as well as smoking al fresco seems timely. Naturally, as a gentleman smoker, you will want to observe the etiquette and some traditions associated with those accoutrement. Many of these practices, as with most gentlemanly conduct, are holdovers from the 19th century. That it was a time of broad observance of a “proper” public demeanor is well known. The passing out of style and habit of so many polite gestures and displays of respect was the result of the late 20th century’s headlong pursuit of egalitarianism.

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the Gentleman Smoker
    February 4th, 2014

Steve Morrisette

This column is about Gentleman’s Style and it’s various forms of expression as they intersect the experiences of pipe smokers and all lovers of fine tobaccos.

Why a style column?

There is currently a resurgence of interest in men’s fashion.

You can find variations of this statement more and more frequently these days across the media spectrum. You may have also noticed the increasing attention the media is focusing on the apparent growing popularity of the pipe hobby among young adults. Though possibly coincidental, I believe there is a subtle, if tenuous, relationship between the two.

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