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    Giveaway to whomever desires it

    You and me both! I call it Visions of Syphilis!
  2. spartacus

    Cleaning Jars

    I have never washed a new jar. The tobacco going into the jar isn't sterile. If mold is present it probably came from something besides the jar.
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    WTB Nut Cracker Flake 8/21/21

    I'm in search of some Levin Nut Cracker Flake if anyone has some they would part with please PM me.
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    Anybody Else on Instagram?

    I have a few accounts. Pipe and tobacco @mormonpipes Dog hunting @GSPDoghunter
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    Favorite HU Tobacco Blends?

    Do you know when K&K went cheap? I have a lot of HU in storage but haven't ordered any for a long time.
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    Tobacco Storage Question

    I used to put everything in Mason jars. Storage becomes more of an issue though. Now a days the one pound blocks, Esoterica bags, paint can tobacco, and square tins get sealed in Mylar bags.
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    Hello from NY

    Welcome from Arizona!
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    FT: Esoterica For Cringle Flake 2020 (05/17/21)

    Now that doesn't surprise me. Good guy all around,
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    PSA: Jar Your Samuel Gawith Boxes

    I vacuum seal the whole box. Easier storage than the jars for me.
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    It Never Fails....

    Let me know when and what you are going to order next time and I will wait a couple of days for it to go on sale! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Pipe Number 6 In The Alaska Pipe Set (Moose Themed)

    All of those are beautiful pipes made by some first class carvers! Enjoy!
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    New Order

    The Gawith Brown has a heavier hit than the Black. Enjoy, all good smokes.
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    Greetings from Peoria Arizona!

    Welcome from Mesa! Maybe see you on Saturday at Big Sticks.
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    Long Term Storage of Bulk Aromatics?

    I have lots of jars in my office and they pop all the time. It's just the pressure changing nothing to be worried about.