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  1. pipedisciple

    Never Seen a Pipe Do This.

    Funny as Hell :laughat:
  2. pipedisciple

    So What's the Deal With Captain Black

    My brother has smoked CB for years and loves it, I myself smoke aromatics, I prefer them to english, I know sick, but it's what I like. I smoke other tobaccos, and like different ones at different times. It's my choice. There are so many brands and types to try, why worry what others say. Life...
  3. pipedisciple

    Anyone From Clearwater, FL

    Don't live there, but use to go vacationing with parents when I was younger, my Mom saw her last west coast Fla. sunset there before she died. We were there in 1988 while was recovering from menegitis that I had earlier in the month of July in 1988. Haven't been back since, but would love to...
  4. pipedisciple

    I'm In A Jam...

    All I can say is go where your heart tells you. I went back to college in my late 40's and it really didn't get me anywhere. I do a job I love and I haven't used my degree yet. Completing college was for me. My dad wanted me to go to Harvard but I had other plans, the military. I'm glad I did it...
  5. pipedisciple

    What Kind of Looks/Reactions do You Get While Smoking in Public? Good or Bad!

    I truly don't give a flying rats butt what others think or how they react to my smoking a pipe, if they don't like it then stay away from me. I usually get positive reactions for the most part. :puffy:
  6. pipedisciple

    Health Issue: Smoking Pipes or Drinking Alcohol. What's worse?

    Everything in moderation, George Burns smoked cigars and drank, he outlived 3 doctors that told him to quit drinking and smoking. My oldest brother has been smoking a pipe for as long as I've been alive, (59 yrs.) and he's still kicking. I no longer drink but still smoke a cigar and/or a pipe...
  7. pipedisciple

    What Tobacco Every Piper Should Have or Try

    1Q without a doubt :puffy:
  8. pipedisciple

    Great Service from

    Great folks, Indeed. :puffy:
  9. pipedisciple

    AA with my dad this morning

    23 yrs and I keep going back. It's worked for me.
  10. pipedisciple

    Sterilizing a pipe

    Thanks guys, it was as I suspected, I will use the pipe cleaner with alcohol.
  11. pipedisciple

    Sterilizing a pipe

    Got a pipe from a friend who told me it hadn't been smoked more than once or twice. Bit shows no wear and the bowl doesn't look it was smoked at all. what should I do to sterilize it so I can smoke it? By the way I did do a search of site for a similiar question with nothing found. Any ideas?
  12. pipedisciple

    Interesting Event Occurred Today......

    Damn fine thing to do for that gentleman, he will probably never forget that kindness. We need more of that, Bless You.
  13. pipedisciple

    Eastern North Carolina

    I live in Goldsboro, NC, What you look'in for? What kind of mentoring? :puffy:
  14. pipedisciple


    HAPPY THANKGIVING! to all my pipe smoking brothers ans aisters, may God richly bless you and your families. :puffy:
  15. pipedisciple

    Not Cancer

    Outstanding News. :puffy: