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    "Strike anywhere" matches disappearing in your area too?

    Here in S.W. Florida, wooden "strike anywhere" matches are going the way of the do-do; disappearing from grocery and hardware shelves really fast. All that's available are "strike on box" wooden matches. Don't know about you fellows, but I like the sporty look of strike'in one on the heel of...
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    I just saw the ballsiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

    Maduroman, a healthy politician can talk a man to death.
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    Smoking a pipe vs cigarettes or cigars

    Myself, I smoked cigs for years and I loved them! Back then, you could smoke 'em anywhere and everyone did. Later, it just got to be too much aggravation here in Florida after the "clean indoor air act", and to be honest, I wouldn't have given the pipe a second look if we still had the free...
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    Springfield MO joins the "smoke free"

    A lot of the problem here is the Sugeron General. There is no risk free level of second hand smoke???? Nor is there one for gasoline fumes, x-rays, alcohol, bug spray, or mercury. But there are SAFE levels. OSHA even has a safe level of second hand smoke for work places, I think. The...
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    J.M. Boswell: Berry Cobbler and Christmas Cookie

    Hi to flat4driven! Bob and wolfscout turned me on to the information that aeros cellar VERY WELL -- which was really news to me. I plan to cellar these two boswell blends, budget and wife permitting, of course.
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    My pack of dogs

    I'm all for the dogs!
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    I like the tone of the differences of opinion I see on this board. I think it is a result of a self-identification of the members as "gentlemen" in the older sense of the word. And thank goodness for the participation of some of those that could be targets of the unfortunate types of negative...
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    So you really can't cellar an aeromatic??

    A new guy question here. All the posts say you can't mason jar an aeromatic. Anybody done it? For a good long time in the jar? I don't want to waste good money on cellaring something unsuccessfully, so anyones help will be much appreciated.
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    My discussion with a B&M owner.

    Kevin, life is good!
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    Do you remember smoking lounges in High School?

    I remember. They served morning coffee in the lounge too. It was run by the student government association...but you could smoke in ALL the halls! Really cool school.
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    A great setting, great story, great tobacco

    Wow! Great story. It's a shame he retired.
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    Samuel Gawith Sightings

    Rupert! Buy it! Buy it now! Buy it all! We all have to do our part to see that the shortages continue!
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    JackKnife Plug

    I'm with hessenland, a lot of the appeal has to be the novalty of an American, available (well, sort of available) plug format. That being said, how smart is Mr. Peace to have tapped into such a wellspring of consumer demand?
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    New York Snuffs Out Smoking (parks, time square Ban Passed)

    Bloomberg is a rich jerk who long ago got his NET worth confused with his SELF worth. And since he's richer than God, he now thinks he's SMARTER than god. Wisley,God left to all of us CHOICE. Bloomberg doesn't even leave us that.
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    Pot of beans, warm fire and a smoke.

    What buck67 said! I wonder what a great "after beans" smoke might be?