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  1. lumberjakpipester

    Pipe wrapped in leather

    I personally love leather-clad pipes, especially longchamps. They where made of briar that was not esthetically pleasing in the beginning, but after WW2 when good briar was available again, they switched to "normal" pieces. I would still much rather have a pipe that is covered in really nice...
  2. lumberjakpipester

    Built My First Rack

    Very nice job!
  3. lumberjakpipester

    Wooden matches

    I use SeaDog matches from Sweden for starting a bowl, they have no discernible taste to me and burn well. For relights tho I have to agree with phil67, a lighter cannot be beat!
  4. lumberjakpipester

    3 Underrated Pipe Makers/Factory

    I think there are a ton of underrated pipe makers/factories, just as many as overrated ones. For me, Longchamps come to mind, the briar was ugly, so they wrapped it in very nice leather. I have yet to find an example that is disappointing smoker. They also are a joy to handle due to the soft...
  5. lumberjakpipester

    Became a Great-Granfather today:

  6. lumberjakpipester

    Necron Cob?

    Necrons are a race of sentient machines in the Warhammer 40.000 universe, they are normally depicted with some sort of green energy and gun metal or black armored carapace.
  7. lumberjakpipester

    Ready for the London Blend Apocalypse

    Disaster! I was not aware that BLB had been discontinued! I love the stuff! Be right back, I have to make a few orders now! Thank god I allready have around 10 pounds of it in my cellar.
  8. lumberjakpipester

    Vuillard Aristocrat BEFORE & AFTER

    Beautiful, the grain really "pops", great work!
  9. lumberjakpipester

    Broken Pipe - RIP Herbert "Bud" Overbury

    My condolences. I dedicate the bowl I'm smoking to his memory!
  10. lumberjakpipester

    What am I looking for?

    +1 to the falcon and a few bowls, cheap-ish and bulletproof!
  11. lumberjakpipester

    New Pipe Rack

    That is an awesome design, and wonderful execution! How do I get on the waiting list? haha
  12. lumberjakpipester

    Taking A Hiatus From Smoking

    I hope you heal well my friend!
  13. lumberjakpipester

    1880s Antique Mechanical Bird Match Holder & Dispenser

    That's a very interesting design, I love little mechanical devices and clockwork gadgets like that!
  14. lumberjakpipester

    Gotta Wait Another 6 Months.

    New-Brunswick winters are not much better! Lets hope this one will be a mild one.