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  1. jah76

    What Music Are You Listening To ~ September 2019

    Just finished a bowl of Mississippi River while hanging out with the dogs outside. Hot Indiana night.
  2. jah76

    Pipes So Nice You Bought Them Twice

    I have 3 Peterson XL315's. I love smoking coins and flakes in them.
  3. jah76

    Hello from In

    Welcome from South Bend!
  4. jah76

    Savinelli Estella question

    Hi Scott. I can't confirm what it is, but I've had similar results when I applied Halcyon wax improperly to a rusticated pipe. I wonder if a warm heat gun or hair dryer would let you dab it off with some cotton balls. If I remember right I had to softly remove mine with a "blunt" needle I found...
  5. jah76

    "Travel" smoking kit (Hiking, fishing, etc)

    Anthony. I love that roll up. I use a cheap canvas roll up, I got off Amazon. It's for pencils/pens/artists paint brushes. I can fit 2 pipes, lighters, cleaners, and tamper in it. Slides right into my backpack side pouch.
  6. jah76

    The Burley & The Briar in Bloomington, Indiana

    I stopped there a few years ago when attending a conference. Great store. Even some coworkers who were with me and not pipe smokers enjoyed browsing through the shop. Crash- if you get up near South Bend, lemme know- I'll buy you a pint.
  7. jah76

    Hate-Love Relationships with Blends?

    Rattray's Red Rapparee. I used to be think "WTF, this just tastes like ash". Until I air pocketed it in a old Hilson because it was the only tobacco I had at work. Then all of a sudden it was subtle and "citrus". Now it's on my "grab a tin list" whenever I order.
  8. jah76

    Tell Me About Nordings

    I have a cobra my wife bought me that's great for flakes. I also have an naked freehand that I'm really starting to like. Grats on your Nording!
  9. jah76

    2015 MM Reverse Calabash Three Years Later

    C. Embers. I smoke the 2018 and I like it a lot, but man that new stem collects a lot of moisture. I smoke indoors, dry tobacco, but it's such a long smoke, it ends up looking like a greenhouse in there. I don't have one, but I like the stem on the old one better...the 2018 design seems like...
  10. jah76

    They Were A Sour Lot In Old Time Connecticut And Indiana.

    Heck in South Bend Indiana we only just recently (2018) received the ability to buy alcohol on Sundays. A whole different kind of self pollution.
  11. jah76

    New Guy, Indiana

    Hola from South Bend Indiana!
  12. jah76

    My Wife's Good at this Christmas Thing (2009 Ardor Urano)

    Yeah I really like that. I keep looking at Ardor...but they just seem so heavy. I need to see them in person I think. Congrats.
  13. jah76

    Calendar Compulsion

    I use my Outlook calendar to block out times and meetings/events and I have a huge kanban board my team uses. However I personally use- (2017's version) This as last years planner/calendar. Next year I'll try using...
  14. jah76

    New to VaPer's, Needs Advice..

    Admittedly this is not what you asked but McCelland's Tudor Castle and Butra's Blended flake make up 80% of what I smoke. You've gotten some great advice, but I love what the addition of Oriental tobacco can do to blends. Red Rapparee is another must have for me. (No Perique though)
  15. jah76

    New Year's Resolution(s) 2018!

    I'm going to sell more pipes and buy fewer high quality pipes.