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GL Pease Quiet Nights Review


I’ll be honest, one of the things I enjoy most about this job, besides the feedback, learning and discussions that come from it, is the freedom I have. My boss is cool, and I can sit anywhere and write about anything I like, as long as it focuses on pipe tobacco. I also enjoy choosing […]

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Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged Review

Close Up of a Slice

It was pretty wild to me today as I was writing no “1” in the space allotted for denoting the year. 2019 went out no more spectacular or horrific than any other given year this decade. Personally, if I were to do a review of the last decade as a whole (minus getting through this […]

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Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged by Seattle Pipe Club Review

Seattle Pipe Club Clay Pipe and Bourbon Barrel Aged Plum Pudding

Bourbon Barrel Aged … fill-in-the-blank … but fill it in with Seattle Pipe Club’s Plum Pudding Tobacco … Holy Shit Dude! Sorry, but that’s what I say. That’s my uncontrollable blurt out for “Wow!”. That was my initial reaction to just the idea, and also my reaction after smoking it. You know that feeling you […]

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Missouri Meerschaum Independence Day

By the time you read this, it’ll be too late to reliably order anything online to get to you for whichever holiday you choose. I’m sure you’ve heard of Christmas in July (I still have no idea what that means), but if one absurdity deserves another, let’s have a July in Christmas. If one thing […]

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Bengal Slices White Tobacco Review

Bengal Slices White Review

I joked with a cigar appreciator friend that daylight savings time is like this: one clips an inch of the cap from the head of the cigar, affixes it to the foot and expects the smoke to last longer. Pipes on the other hand, you just keep adding a little if necessary — therefore, clearly […]

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Hearth & Home Smoky Mountain Review

Hearth and Home Smoky Mountain Tobacco with Peterson Pipe

The weather recently took a pleasant nosedive here in Northern Nevada. Days pushing triple digits went down to the low thirties nearly overnight, and it rained and it snowed. I had absolutely no sympathy for the tender California economical refugee transplants complaining their “…fall was ruined.” No, it wasn’t. Snow-dusted red maple trees and blooming […]

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G.L. Pease Lagonda Tobacco Review

There’s nothing like pre-autumn camping. Most people are already bemoaning the end of their 16 hours of sunshine, the heat that reminds them of the hell from which they come, and breaking out the coats and mittens early in anticipation of six months of chills, overeating and sadness. Most importantly, they’re staying home more. Just […]

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Skiff Mixture Tobacco Review

Last time I checked, Skiff Mixture by Samuel Gawith wasn’t really on anyone’s radar.  Well, besides being among those more recently a tad difficult to purchase in the US.  I’ve spent time with this tobacco when I first started smoking, and since then I’ve kept the occasional tin handy. I was never really wowed by […]

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Cornell & Diehl Virginia Oriental

We live in times unable to cope with the satisfaction of others. Whether it’s parades, mermaids or bumper sticker election campaigns, if someone is enjoying or into…well, anything, this makes others upset. It becomes then a mission to upend them. Reactions to pipe smoking is not exempt. Much like all things misunderstood or misinformed, it […]

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Peterson Perfect Plug

Kyle Weiss Three weeks before summer, and three more feet of snow fell in the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevada mountains nearby. I’ve never been one to enjoy summer, with perfect bodies glistening on pristine beaches, kids screaming and running about, music clashing from open windows, cars and camps—none of that is me or […]

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