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Sep 12, 2020
Here at home, we buy both soluble coffee and ground coffee beans. The case is that the soluble is quite acceptable in taste of good coffee, I do not know the strength in caffeine. As for coffee, if I drink it on an empty stomach, my piles will sing like a frog in heat. But I love strong black coffee, from an old and dented coffee pot.
This made me curious. Ordered from Amazon
Well, I ordered it around 1145 PM and it was at my house today around 1145 AM.

By mistake I ordered ground coffee. Next time I will order beans. While I have moved back to freshly ground beans and drip coffee (I bought a Keurig about 6 months back, I love the convenience but not the taste) having a K-Cup would also not hurt, but they don’t make those.

I had already drank my morning coffee (7 tablespoons of Starbucks Dark Roast in 50 oz of water) but made 15 oz with 2 tablespoons of powder. The taste is different but I liked it.

I drank everything on an empty stomach but I survived 😃. I could feel the caffeine though and will drink it occasionally. I was cooking while drinking and got reasonably motivated.

Good one to enjoy occasionally

This was the coffee @ashdigger and @Hillcrest was talking about


Navy Chief

Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 11, 2022
Anybody ever been in the hospital for caffeine OD?
Been close....

Back when I was much younger and much dumber (debatable) I was stationed on the USS Ranger, they asked for volunteers to spray fresh paint through all of the Radio spaces, everything was masked all we had to do was spray and we would get a 96 hour liberty pass. Of course I jumped at this opportunity, we were homeported in San Diego CA and Phoenix AZ was just a short 6 hour drive away and my new bride still lived there while I was getting ready to deploy.

Came off a 16 hour watch shift and started working on the spray work. We greatly underestimated how long it was going to take to spray, so 16 hours later when we were wrapping up I jumped into the shower changed clothes and hit the road for Phoenix.. About an hour later it all caught up to me, so being the super wise young man I was I stopped, got 2 Jolt colas, a pack of NoDoz pills, and a cup of coffee at the next truck stop. I don't remember how many of the NoDoz pills I took and chased with the 2 Jolt Colas but it was apparently too much. I stopped about an hour later and spent some quality time laying on a picnic table at a rest stop in the middle of the desert quietly waiting to die from my heart exploding. A couple of well intentioned truck drivers checked on me and when told the story they both told me good luck and went on their way. A few hours later I settled down enough that I was pretty sure I was not going to die behind the wheel and went on my way and completed the drive to Phoenix where I crashed for about 24 hours...


Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 7, 2021
Loving these caffeine overdose stories y’all have shared. I’ve done the same myself with concentrated cold brew not realizing what I was drinking. Not quite to the extent of some of y’all’s stories but I definitely had the runs that afternoon 😂

I make French press every morning and drink the pot throughout the day. Usually a couple cups a day. My local grocery outlet sells very inexpensive, quality coffee so I get that.
Jul 26, 2021
I'm a caffeine junkie too, drinking up to a pot of black coffee and a 2 liter of diet soda a day. I used to have energy drinks (Rip It, primarily), but keeping them in stock and getting rid of the cans was annoying.

For coffee, I buy what's on sale (since I'm cheap) and enjoy Chock Full of Nuts, but do not discriminate. I was gifted a coffee of the month subscription, but nothing stood out (and I'm almost certain Sello Rojo was a part of the subscription).

I use a dual Keurig, with a timer to have a pot ready once showered and the cups for single use or a quick top off. The empty pod allows for making any coffee a single serving, but it changes the flavor a bit for me. I also keep a package of Stok on hand. It's an espresso shot in a coffee creamer package the adds a boost to coffee and makes tepid coffee taste better.


Can't Leave
Apr 26, 2020
I hate to side with the snobs, but insant coffee is about the lowest and most loathsome beverage alleged human beings consume.

Those of you who drink it are true bottom feeders...and probably eat Velveeta "cheese" too.
Don’t knock Velveeta. Adding a spoonful to a cup of instant coffee improves both dramatically. I call it the Quesopresso.


Jul 22, 2018
I'm not a coffee aficionado by any means so instant coffee does the work for me.
Don't like coffee taste in drinks, ice cream and such and prefer my coffee plain black.
Never understood the combo sugar and coffee.