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Dec 3, 2021
Bagshot Row, Hobbiton
I’ve had that. It was okay.

One day I made some and I had a guy over that wanted to see how my job went. He was a fireman than wanted to see how investigators work.

So I made a pot, it was about the fifth pot so I knew it had a kick, but manageable for me, and I warned the guy. He told me he’s caffeine tolerant and it wasn’t a big deal.

So we each had a big glass, I pretty much just drank mine. He started drinking his, got about a regular 6 oz cup down, and then it started happening.

He got the chills and palpitations and had to use the bathroom. My hall bathroom is next to my office and quite honestly it sounded like an ongoing murder.

He exits the bathroom and sheepishly tells me he’s not feeling good and needs to leave. Okay. See ya.

About fifteen minutes later he texts me and let’s me know he’s pulled over to the side of the road and was puking and he had shit his pants.

I’m a loving and benevolent human so I replied “amateur”.

He called his wife and had her come get him. So whenever he wants to come over I always show him his name in my contacts is Shitpants McPukeface.
Normally I would say he had e-coli poisoning from his lunch at the Tomaine Barbeque Grill but ... having had Sella Rosa and passing out myself I can see that happening if you made it strong. :ROFLMAO:
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