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  1. vigil

    Big Loss for the GKCPC

    Have been a customer for years. Bobbe was always wonderful to me (not that Lyn isn't the most fun B&M owner ever).... My condolences for Lyn's loss....
  2. vigil

    A tobacco blend that is somewhere between aromatic and English or Balkan

    Another option is Pipe works and Wilke. They have several blends that are an excellent balance of tobacco flavors and aros.
  3. vigil

    Need Help Dating A Tobacco

    I did a little online sleuthing... Finzer was sold in 1911 to AMT. AMT kept producing it (on and off, apparently) well into the early 1980s, and, maybe beyond. Given that there is a UPC.. You could look it up in the UPC database and find out the earliest and latest it was used.
  4. vigil

    Interesting Old Corn Cob Pipe Label

    Interesting that I could not find the trademark in the US PTO Tess system. I can usually locate old dead records. Then again, if this was only a design trademark, the searching gets tough. I think I've seen a Phoenix before. A long time ago, and, it was ancient then.
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    Need Help Dating A Tobacco

    Dinner and flowers? Really? What a flip answer to such a serious question. A serious question deserves a serious answer. Wine, a 'chick flick', and a box of chocolates is the obvious choice.
  6. vigil

    First ever freehand attempt (pic heavy)

    Outstanding work! As for the bit... Sometimes it's easier to grab a router and a penblick of ebonite or lucite than it is to "make something work"... But, from what I'm reading, you have that one well in hand. Only other advice I'd give is it's time to slow down instead of pushing to finish...
  7. vigil

    Welcome Back Cigrmaster

    Was he relegated to the Missouri School of Engineering and Mining? The school motto there is "Where the Men, are Men, The Women are Few, and the Sheep are Nervous"
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    Return to the 70's: The Nimrod Pipe Lighter

    I have a couple Nimrod Sportsman's. A truly clever design that doesn't attempt anything but what it is. There are things that can be done to improve performance. Replacing the gotten wadding, etc. helps. But, nothing works as well as taking the time to completely disassemble the Nimrod and...
  9. vigil

    UK,--- Ebay

    Another little trick is getting people on the UK Bay to ship to the US! I have a drop ship address in the UK that takes anything I have shipped there reboxed, paperwork done, and sent to me here in the States. I don't have to do any import paperwork, etc. They handle it all. If your gonna do...
  10. vigil

    Obsidian Oil, A Warning From My Experiance

    I keep a half-pint of mineral oil around for my wood handled knives, cutting blocks, wooden spoons, etc in the kitchen. Tried it on a couple pipe bits and it works great. Just a drop on my fingers, rub it on the stems, wait 30 and buff them down with old T-shirt scraps. Wait a day and they're...
  11. vigil

    A Work in Progress...

    Excellent work! I like that it's just a very straightforward design. It holds pipes. As Frank Lloyd Wright used to say, "Form Follows Function, where Form and Function are One".
  12. vigil

    5 lb's At a Time, Ever Bought That Much?

    I have made multi-pound purchases of bulks. Anyone who carries bulk (and has inventory) will sell it this way. Usually much less expensive. The only downside is that it's a fair amount of cash all at once if your on a budget. But, the lower overall price justifies it if the blend you buy is...
  13. vigil


    Borax should be okay (it is one of the components in OxyClean)... But, as Mike has pointed out, rinse, rinse, rinse!! I would follow up with plenty of q-tips and a high proof alcohol (I use Everclear or a really cheap Vodka). And, take your time, go thru as many q-tips and pipe-cleaners as it...
  14. vigil

    Tragic Event made happy story

    Not an unusual attitude in your Nanny Wendy, Herman. Have seen it many times when the annual flooding of an over swollen Mississippi River threatens. Families pull together and save what they can. The older members of a family wanting to 'ride it out' to protect the family home. Finally...
  15. vigil

    What are you?

    More of a smoker than a collector... But, I collect all the tools it takes to be a proper pipe smoker. I figure the toolbox will be complete somewhere around a couple weeks before I assume room temperature.