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  1. tinkertank

    ***What Are You Smoking *** (Oct. 2014)

    Orlik Golden sliced, haven't been around in a while. My internet is cut for a little bit.
  2. tinkertank

    Do You Compost Tobacco?

    I have an ash tray on my porch, I tip it out by my walk when it's full.
  3. tinkertank

    Cleaning a MM corncob

    Wipe the bowl out with a hanky, and run a cleaner through the stem. Done. Love the cob, smoke the cob, be the cob. The cob is all, and all is the cob.
  4. tinkertank

    Smokong - all the way down?

    I almost never smoke all the way down. I get to the point where it's all char and usually stop, just because I don't like the taste as much, it just gets heavy and ashy at the end. Some tobaccos are better than others getting down there, but really I stop when I feel like I'm not enjoying it...
  5. tinkertank

    I've spent 3 weeks reading tutorials and still can't keep it lit. Please help!!

    The less you worry about it, the better you'll get. That was my problem when I started six months ago, I was always worried about everything. These guys have given a lot of good advice,a lot!. Mine is to just relax a bit, and enjoy the ride. If relights happen, they happen.
  6. tinkertank

    Charred bowl?

    You might have just dripped some fuel down there..
  7. tinkertank

    Briars and cobs - bottom of the bowl

    I often don't smoke down to the last bits. Not because it is too wet, I smoke slow and pretty dry most times, but because it starts getting really heavy tasting and I don't particularly like it. Some baccy taste great all the way down, but others start tasting like swamp mud in the last puffs...
  8. tinkertank

    Tips on getting rid of aftertaste?

    Same, I find it's very easy to screw your entire smoke while lighting. If you rush it, you'll just burn your mouth out. The tobacco and smoke is the hottest while lighting, so definitely be gingerly with it and take your time. I never have my mouth fully closed over the stem while puffing...
  9. tinkertank

    Casual Walk With A Pipe

    I took a slow bike ride the other day, across town. made it to my favorite coffee shop, had a nice Moroccan espresso, and then went to the library.
  10. tinkertank

    Tips on getting rid of aftertaste?

    smoke a little slower, burning hot burns the crap out of your tongue. Also try drinking during the smoke something slightly sweet/bitter/acidic helps with taste, not only tasting the tobacco during the smoke but afterwards. I like tea, or lemon-lime Gatorade. too acidic will though will hurt...
  11. tinkertank

    Looking for Information on dyeing Cob Pipes.

    Nothing better than coffee grounds for a dark/light brown stain. I love coloring wood with the stuff, looks and smells amazing.
  12. tinkertank

    Are You A Pipe Smoking Fiend?

    Somewhere in the depths of hell, there is a little imp with a hellpipe hanging off his lip dancing in glee.
  13. tinkertank

    Help!!! My pipe is dying....

    Do you clean it after a smoke? Run a pipe cleaner through it after a bowl, maybe two. I had a pipe sour on me, turns out I wasn't thorough enough getting it dry afterwards. Though I clench and I get a little extra drool sometimes. If it gets wet during the smoke run a cleaner during. Maybe that...
  14. tinkertank

    Would like opinion on this pipe

    That almost looks like a hotspot/soft spot, leaning towards full on cracking and burnout. it may be fixable, but I'm not knowledgeable or experienced enough to tell. Sometimes I know you can fill it in with ash mud. Hopefully a resto guy will weigh in, but that looks worrying..