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    Looks like I need to play catch up.

    I was excited to see some pics AND....... nothing..... lol
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    Geiger Partly Peeled Orange Nosewarmer

    Beautiful pipe man!
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    New Peterson Pipe Lighters

    I purchased the silver one. Functions very well for me with no problems. Ill see If I can take some pics and I'll post them up
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    The French Invaded!

    Those are some nice looking pipes!
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    The French Invaded!

    Those are some nice looking pipes!
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    Been Gone for a While

    There is a cigar lounge right around the block from where I'm staying so its been convenient. I got my pipes now so I'm back in action! Its beautiful! its been around 72 to 73 degrees with no humidity. Gets to about around 57 at night. Perfect smoking weather! The funny thing is I just went up...
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    Pipe Rotation...Be honest

    Ive been traveling for work the last server months, but I still rotate between the 4 to 6 pipes I bring. It helps with a sweeter smoke if you let them rest a bit. That being said I might smoke one pipe for a couple days in a row, but I will let it rest for the same amount of days that I smoked it.
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    Okay...I am Baccck!

    Welcome back man! I hopped on the forums the other day for the first time and saw your post. I was like what the hell is going on LOL. Glad you changed your mind!
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    What Happened to the Forums!?!?!?

    I like the new look. Makes you put your post in the correct forums. If you still put in the wrong place we have an other issue we got to fix. :D
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    Been Gone for a While

    Hey guys been gone for the last month or so. I flew to Arizona for a couple months and left all my pipe stuff back at home. I've been smoking a lot of cigars as of late, but finally got my wife to send out my pipes. Smoking a bowl of Penzance in my Pete as we speak and lovin life. I notice a ton...
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    Why did you join ?

    I joined because I liked the articles. I started posting in the forums, and then Kevin turned me onto Nat Sherman #580 and Old Oxford. After I tried those I knew I loved the site.
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    What do You do?

    I am an ex-fisher out of Mayport, Florida. Now I am a corporate manger/trainer for a wrist band company.
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    Virginias, Bleck! or How PipesMagazine is gonna turn me around on them

    Nat Sherman #580 Liberty Golden Virginia is one of my all time favorites.
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    Sneak Peek at New Cigar Site

    I cant wait!
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    If they can make Guinness cheese taste absolutely amazing they could do it with tobacco.