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    Birthday Gift From My Wife

    Nice looking pipe, congrats.
  2. sherlock

    The Big Game.

    Niners, Baltimore beat my Broncos.
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    What Are You Smoking? *February 2013*

    Penzance, Peterson system pipe.
  4. sherlock

    Disaster on the Home Front!

    I am sorry to hear the bad news. I hope clean up goes well.
  5. sherlock

    Sam Gawith History

    This is a really interesting thread. I didn't realized how old Sg was, just makes me like it more.
  6. sherlock

    New Peterson 264 Canadian

    Looks like a great pipe. Looking at all of these pipes is giving me a case of PAD.
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    133 hours, not that much lately.
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    Support Your Local B&M! Please

    I try to support both as much as I can, because both are important. An internet shop is someones local B&M. I am lucky that I have 3 shops within a 20 minute drive and another about an hour away and I try to support all of them.
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    This Pipe Is More Unusual Than Most

    Hey why not. I doubt I'd pay much for it, but it could be interesting to try.
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    Stanwell Pipe Won

    Congrats, looks like a great pipe.
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    How Many Open Tins??

    I have about ten tins open at the moment, but I want to cut this down. I am also beging to find blends I like and I don't need to try as many as I have on the past.
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    What's Your Favorite Frog Morton Blend?

    On the town is my favorite.
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    Briar Bird Billiard

    It's a great looking pipe. Congrats. I really like the extension.
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    My 3 New Savi Boys + TAD (PICS)

    I love the bumble be, I guess another one goes on my want list.
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    How Dry is Too Dry?

    I have had to take a little break from smoking (6 Months :crying: ) because of a new baby and other priorities. Luckily the baby is older and I have more time to enjoy smoking again. This morning I did a little inventory of my tobaccos and found that a few of the, were drier than I had...