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  1. saint007

    Natural, Almost non Carved Meer Pipes

    Thanks for the heads-up, I just bid on it. I find it not only very interesting and different but I also see the beauty in it!
  2. saint007

    Made A Video: The Claw Egg Dragon Meer

    Are you going to smoke that pipe or just fondle it? :D
  3. saint007

    What's your favorite maker or pipe brand?

    Custom; Baki, Altinok or Yanik. Factory; Moretti, Ardor. Just about any of the I-Talians. :wink:
  4. saint007

    O Fortuna: The Quest For The Dragon Meer (With Pictures!)

    That is one incredible Yanik! Consider me as jealous.
  5. saint007

    My Birthday Present from Wife

    I like it! Happy smokes.
  6. saint007

    Preferred Method for Waxing Meerschaum Pipes

    I use the yellow bees wax. I melt it in a small dedicated pot and apply it with a soft paint brush(don't want to scratch the pipe). I remove the stem and use a long pipe cleaner and knot the pipe cleaner inside the bowl so as to give me something to hold onto, the pipe cleaner coming out of the...
  7. saint007

    First Pipe From Pipestud.

    I am one of Pipestud's followers on ebay. Great place to find estates and many are not over-bid. Got a Peter Jeppesen Neerup from him two weeks ago and have a bid on a pipe that ends tomorrow. I would say that he is as reputable a seller as they come!
  8. saint007

    P&C 15% Off and Free Goodie Box IPSD Sale

    Reading through this thread, I had to check my email to see if I qualified for the goodie bag. The confirmation just listed my purchased items. I loaded up on McClleland's Mature Virginia #27 and Wessex Brigade Campaign. I was just happy to get the 15% off and will make a reminder for this event...
  9. saint007

    Coffee And Tobacco

    I usually start my day with dark roasted French Market coffee with chicory and a Va/Per. Later in the day I switch over to iced green tea.
  10. saint007

    My Battle Of The VaPers

    My favorite is rubbing out flakes of P S Luxury Navy and Mac Baren ODF together. Awesome combination that I smoke daily.
  11. saint007

    What's the Word About Aldo Velani Pipes?

    I stole this estate from Briar Blues. :wink: Nice piece of briar with thick walls, smokes just fine.
  12. saint007

    Help... Coloring My New Meerschaum

    In my opinion, most of the coloring is caused by moisture. I have over a dozen meers and have always read that oily tobaccos like Latakia are best for coloring. If that were true, the coloring would begin at the bottom of the bowl and not the stem. With quality block meers, the coloring starts...
  13. saint007

    "Who is John Galt?"

    Nice to see so many Libertarians here on this forum. I hope that you are registered to vote as such as well. It's all about taking responsibility for one's actions.