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  1. pitchfork

    Selecting Your First Pipe

    Stanwell and Savinelli both make really good pipes in the $80-100 range that smoke as well as all but the very best (more expensive) pipes. EDIT: Actually, I've just seen some new Stanwells for sale at about $40. With those brands, you can just pick a shape you like and be confident you're...
  2. pitchfork

    Grandpa For The Third Time

    Happy news. Congratulations!
  3. pitchfork

    Non-Lakeland Lakelands/Floral Blends

    The War Horse remake is another one worth trying. Be forewarned, it will ghost a pipe.
  4. pitchfork

    Non-Lakeland Lakelands/Floral Blends

    Not sure which of these are still available, but these are all weirdly flavored British tobaccos: Condor St. Bruno Warrior Plug Yachtsman Plug has less flavoring, but it's somewhat similar to these others. I'd also put Peterson's Perfect Plug in the same category of weirdly flavored...
  5. pitchfork

    You are Guaranteed to get One Hard-to-get Blend. Which One would You Choose?

    McClelland 2025 English Cavendish I ordered a couple ounces of this on a whim in 2018, right as Smoking Pipes sold the last of their remaining stock of McClelland. I've always like their VAs, but the touch of Xanthi in this blend really sings. Unfortunately, I think it was only sold as a bulk...
  6. pitchfork

    Cigars With a Cedar-Driven Experience

    Was going to suggest A Fuente in general - at least most of the cigars they've offered for ages. The cedar notes are part of why I've always liked them. Not sure about some of their newer offerings, though.
  7. pitchfork

    Ignoring Content

    For a second there I thought you were describing a very different forum (which is still in existence), but I remember the one you're talking about - that was a wild, albeit short, ride.
  8. pitchfork

    Windjammer In A Brand New Vauen Pipe

    Same. Should be here in a couple of days - pretty sure I'll like this one.
  9. pitchfork

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2021?***

    Black House with a teeny pinch of Six Pence added - in a Blue Room Briars apple. I've never had the original Sobranie 759, but this is SO close to the original Balkan Sobranie (white). If you really want to try Balkan Sobranie, Blackhouse is very close.
  10. pitchfork

    Three More Ryan Alden’s for the Racks

    Those are great pipes! Smoked one of my Alden's this afternoon. Does he still sell through his website or is he using some other outlet?
  11. pitchfork

    Sutliff ERR Match Vs PS Cube Cut Vs MB Golden Extra

    I haven't tried the PS Cube Cut, but I'd say that the flavorings in Golden Extra and ERR Match are very different. ERR Match (whatever flavorings go into it) has that old-timey American burley blend flavor, similar to Prince Albert, but amped up a bit, and there's a touch of molasses. It's very...
  12. pitchfork

    I Did A Thing

    If this is your idea of Onlyfans for pipes, I'm not sure it's gonna work out.
  13. pitchfork

    Tobacco Warning Labels by King James I

    Thanks. Yeah, I should have qualified that ("survived in English").
  14. pitchfork

    Tobacco Warning Labels by King James I

    That's right. What we now call the "long s" was just the lower-case/miniscule "s" in Latin handwriting and its use survived until the late 18th century (more or less), both in print and in script.