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  1. olewaylon

    Are All Butane Brands Basically the Same?

    I sent an email to Zippo and they replied. Kind of what i figured but good to know. ""There is no difference between the two. We simply changed the color of the cap for marketing purposes. The color now matches the color on the lighter fluid also. Thank you for your email inquiry and your...
  2. olewaylon

    Are All Butane Brands Basically the Same?

    I know I'm resurrecting this thread from the dead but I was wondering if there is a difference from the Zippo red butane and the Zippo blue butane. The Blue cap butane says premium on it. Only reason im wondering is because i bought a few cans from P&C and they showed the blue cans, but I...
  3. olewaylon

    Good Night With Cigrmaster (Harris)

    Good news, Hope Harris comes back soon.
  4. olewaylon

    Royal Yacht

    Not quite sure why people are so vocal about their dislike of this blend. I always have a tin in the rotation.
  5. olewaylon

    Duped by a forum member

    Pipebaum, my point is that before the OP posted he probably had a good idea that the member he traded with had burned him. What was the reason for all this if he isn't going to out him? Obviously the OP's point is to out the member. Why pretend that there might be some miraculous outcome that...
  6. olewaylon

    Duped by a forum member

    No offense but you got ripped off, I don't see what the point of this thread was unless you were looking for a pity party. I don't care if you out the member or not but not having money to ship the tobacco is not a legitimate excuse.
  7. olewaylon

    A sizable breakthrough in pipe smoking relations?

    Well done. Better double the cellar now.
  8. olewaylon

    Captain Bob's Blend: I am dissapointed...

    " I simply will refrain from any further promotion of my blend. " I'll believe this when I see it!!
  9. olewaylon

    Gandalf's Staff Is His Pipe Holder

    ha, never noticed that.
  10. olewaylon

    Cool Old Tool

    never seen anything like that.
  11. olewaylon

    Happy birthday, Cigrmaster!

    Happy birthday Harris. hoping for a speedy recovery.
  12. olewaylon

    Once A Friend, Always A Friend

    Louie The Lip? better he was a popular bed fellow in the pen!
  13. olewaylon

    Security Asked Me To Move

    Turn the other cheek man. Cant let the world weigh so heavy on you.
  14. olewaylon

    Escudo vs Dunhill DNR

    This thread makes me miss Harris.