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    I have always hoped to come across an estate Dunhill in a market or charity shop but have not to date. You always live in hope!
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    Tobacco Pipe Futures

    Yes I was hit by lightning in 1977 Love my pipes and expect some to make what I paid on EBay One pipe I bought in a market for £8.50 a Peterson Irish Harp silver mount, now retails new at £99.99 on a tobacco on line shop. I have bought some new but most frugally, so expect a reasonable resale.
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    Gawith Hoggart Heavy Hitters and Rope Baccy

    1792 has a good flavor but lord! IT BE STRONG. my half pound will probably last 5 lifetimes.. maybe more. hate 1792 and not strong IMO. G&H black & brown twist Aromatic, and American coconut are my regulars.
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    Gawith Hoggart Heavy Hitters and Rope Baccy

    I like Black & Brown sliced aromatic the black is more coin cut, the brown shredded. both excellent tobacco’s. The aromatic flavour goes away when put in tobacco jar.
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    Short Video of Italian Pipe Making

    Excellent video, thank you. He has a lot of equipment I didn’t do a bad job with just rasps and sandpaper
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    Best Christmas Tobacco

    I used to get the Peterson Xmas tobacco’s they were 100gm tins, but a. They became expensive b. A little same o, same o
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    Percolator Coffee

    I use a French press, always outstanding coffee. Grains go on compost heap.
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    Bought A Falcon

    Love my Falcon’s I make dry rings with pipe cleaner, you don’t need a pen or pencil just cut an inch of pipe cleaner and use your hands to form into a rough circle. I get as much as 5 rings to 1 pipe cleaner. some bowls crack on the bottom of the bowl, but not all. Believe it’s the heat from the...
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    Recommend a 9MM Filter Pipe Please.

    EA Carey’s little gem, excellent pipe.
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    Storing Tobacco In The Car

    I did not have a pipe in my car until I realised I missed my pipe when out and about. Use those plastic cigarette ash containers that they give away to dispose you cigarettes. They are great and tobacco does not dry out.Google Image Result for...
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    Missouri Meerschaum 150th Year Anniversary, Can We Expect Something Special?

    “born naked or some damn thing.” I thought all babies were!
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    Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Like Cobs

    I love cobs, think the legend is poor, but the Diplomat is great quality. They smoke great.
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    Two Questions: VaPer and Peterson Nightcap

    I didn’t like Elizbethan or Nighcap. I only finished the tins because they cost so much. Highly overrated in my opinion. I regret reading reviews on these tobacco’s and would definitely not buy again. The only tin tobacco I would buy again is Peterson Irish Flake. I have 7 tobacco’s I like so do...
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    Flea Market Find.

    I bought a tobacco jar with some old tobacco in it, you bet I smoked it!! Think it was Condor.