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  1. drwatson

    My Latest Invention (Pipe Locker/Case)

    A very cool way to show, and travel with pipes.
  2. drwatson

    Jar fog.

    I noticed this on a jar once. I didn't was the jar out of package (forgot), chalked up to film on glass.
  3. drwatson

    peterson started using funny coating?

    I got a system pipe few weeks ago, had the same issue. Tasted like crap to! Now I know some don't like coatings, but I have never had issues with them. This is the first I had to remove.
  4. drwatson

    Peterson's Old Crock Tobacco

    I found a nice humidor stamped Peterson old crock, never found out any real good info.
  5. drwatson

    DNA from 200-year-old pipe

    Very cool read.
  6. drwatson

    Boswell or Tinsky??

    Yes, ebay,, and here are all good places.
  7. drwatson

    Boswell or Tinsky??

    I was going to say, could probably pick both up for 200 for estates.
  8. drwatson

    Boswell or Tinsky??

    Do you have any issues with estate pipes?
  9. drwatson

    Pipe collecting from an advert

    Never done it, But sounds fun. I may have to try.
  10. drwatson

    Tobacco Recommendations on a Budget?

    Lane 1Q nice aro....RLP even better....and if your looking for English HGL, not to over the top.
  11. drwatson

    Any Guitar Players Amongst Us? I'd Like Your Opinion.

    I like to think I am, my guitars may say otherwise.
  12. drwatson

    Boswell or Tinsky??

    Late to the party here, which I guess is good. 25 Boswell, 1 Tinsky.....Enough said.
  13. drwatson

    Fishing Pics

    Nice trout! And even better time with kids, O how I miss fishing. Past couple years have been busy with sick parents and stuff. Looking to slow down now. I long for the fight of a nice northern, or for that matter anything that swims. I would ice fish being right on Lake Erie, but NOPE! Did it...
  14. drwatson

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2018 Thread!

    Got mine, put it right under the tree to be opened on Christmas. Mine went out as well.
  15. drwatson

    Pipe Stands

    I don't make those! :puffy: