What do your friends and family think?

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Jul 24, 2011
I was just wondering what your family, friends and colleagues reaction is to your pipe smoking, when you first tell them? For younger folk in particular it can be awkward, especially if your folks are anti-smoking...did any young/new pipe smokers on here find it hard to tell others?



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Aug 18, 2010
Most people that I encounter think that I'm lighting up something illegal ?? I had a cop once walk up right beside me after I lit up, and I could see him "sniffing" to see what I was smoking !! I just smiled and kept on enjoying my occassional pipe... :rofl: :clap: :puffy: :nana:



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Jun 26, 2011
Pacific Northwest USA
While not a younger/newer piper, my father was tickled when I took up the briar. Much better than cigarettes he said. Of course he still shakes his head whenever I take a pinch of snuff. Can't win em' all, eh?



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Jun 21, 2011
Don't know and don't care but then I'm in My 50's. :mrgreen:



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Aug 14, 2011
My Mother was very happy to hear that I am smoking a pipe and quit cigs. My dad smokes nails and asked "Why?" I just smiled and said, "Because it's delicious."



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Oct 5, 2011
My mom thinks it's all a part of some rebellious phase (since I'm breaking the stereotype of females smoking pipes), most of my friends either see it as part of my wonderful eccentricity or that it's pretty awesome, but one friend dislikes all forms of tobacco, but has a "do what you want, just not around me" attitude, so it works out.



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Nov 14, 2009
Flowery Branch, GA
My mom thinks its amazing and has told my brother "you WILL smoke a pipe and stop cigarettes!" My Dad thinks its a dirty, nasty habit but he'll let us smoke in the house if it's a good room note. If he wasn't so set against it, Mom would smoke a pipe too. My sister thinks its cool but is too inlove with her Newports.
Shaun's family are all active smokers and think pipes are glorious things. His brother is part of the FB pipe group. Now to get THEM to quit the nails.
Every friend either thinks its cool as fuck or doesn't talk about it with us. At Shaun's work, he's gathering groupies who come claim the spot next to him while he smokes. One lady told him she calls him Sherlock in her head. I think most people want to smoke along with us, but don't know how or even that there's quality tobacco that smokes smooth and dry. We are slowly educating Flowery Branch, next we'll move on to Buford, then Suwanee! Today is a birthday party for our neice and her mom is very anti smoking. We're working on that. ;)



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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Most of the times peoples first reaction is "Like Sherlock Holmes?". Then I respond, "Yes tobacco pipes like Holmes.". On the whole friends and family don't really mind it. Usually they enjoy the smell of the blends I smoke and my fiance even likes how the smell will linger in my facial hair. Being 26 I do tend to get the awkawrd reaction where I know they're thinking "Isn't he young to be pipe smoking?", but it doesn't bother me. I'm far to fond of my go to blends to care.



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Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
I began smoking my pipes long before I met the War Department. She's given up trying to get me to stop. I don't smoke anywhere in the house except "my bathroom" and my "Man Cave".
I've been living in this area long enough for most people around here have seen me smoking my pipe. So, I don't get a second glance any more. As for the Constabulary... They all know I smoke a pipe and I never have any problems.



Aug 31, 2011
My wife will smoke a nail while I smoke a pipe. We have to smoke outdoors as we are renting, but its North Carolina in the fall so it is perfect outside right now.
My dad used to smoke nails up until about 2 years ago. He doesn't know I smoke a pipe. I started just before we moved and none of my family have seen me. They are all in Utah still and I am in NC currently. I'm sure dad won't have any issues. Mom might. Sisters accept me being me. Little sister smokes nails. Most of my dad's side of the family all smoked because granddad did. But, granddad also enjoyed the occasional pipe and I wish I had it.



Jan 7, 2010
Most of my friends/family don't even know, or have never seen me smoke a pipe eventho' I've been doing it for 40 years! (Even my Facebook avatar is the silhouette of a man smoking a pipe that I "borrowed" from this site!)
They HAVE seen me dipping the Skoal which I do most. Perhaps it stems from my sneak smoking (cigars) when I was a kid. I just never feel really comfortable smoking around other people. I'm an easy-going guy and know that smoke can offend some finicky folks, so I dip instead. Also my solitary pipe smoking has always been a time of rest and leisure, which I'm not really getting when I'm around other people.
I wish there was a pipe club near me so I might be able to practice social smoking, but there isn't out here in the "wilds". I don't even know another pipe smoker around anymore.



Sep 8, 2010
My mom doesn't care for it, but my dad says that he's going to steal a few of my pipes and pick it up when he gets older.
Friends think its awesome, though they enjoy their cigarettes a bit much to pick it up full time again.



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Aug 21, 2011
My Grandfather was patriarch of my family and he smoked a pipe, so as the next in succession, so to speak, no one really thought about it when I took up the hobby. My wife didn't like it much at first, because she's afraid I am going to get sick, but has now excepted it and even buys me an occasional pipe. She still doesn't like the smell of most of my English blends, but as said above you can't win them all.



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May 15, 2010
the warden doesn't give me grief because i used to smoke nails and i quit when we got married...
as to the rest of the family i do not worry about if they like it or not.



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Jun 28, 2011
My family has never said much, I have done everything tobacco related around them. I had a few friends give me some flack, you konow, the old man stereotype,but it was all in good fun.



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Jul 15, 2011
Girlfriend: Didnt really seem to have an opinion one way or the other
Father: Thought it was interesting and continuously asks me questions about my pipes, pipe restoration, tobaccos, packing techniques, and so on. I am hoping to get him off nails and onto pipes but not sure how to approach that one.
Sister: Knows I do it, am waiting for her to lecture me about smoking being bad, even though she smokes nails herself.
Close friends: A couple will join me on occasion, but they dont have much of an opinion either. I think these are about the only people in my life that know I smoke pipes thus far.



Jul 26, 2011
My dad thinks it's cool, that I'm a free thinker who has made a personal decision, based on knowledge of the consequences. He enjoys the smell of a pipe. The rest of my family thinks I'm crazy...but I wear bow ties, shave with a safety razor, wear overalls and play banjo. My guess is they've been thinking I'm crazy for a while now.