The West Coast Pipe Show 2010 Report     December 6th, 2010
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9 Responses to “The West Coast Pipe Show 2010 Report”

  1. Larry Prout said:

    Great coverage as always, very cool pipes!

  2. mlaug said:

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures of the variety of pipes available. Its nice to see the little bios of the carvers too.

    Not as good as being there, but this will be as close I can get to a pipe show.


  3. hobie1dog said:

    excellent report. thanks a bunch.

  4. arko said:

    Thanks for an excellent read, Kevin, and some great pictures! Hopefully I can post something like that in April after the Danish Championship. Unless, of course, you fellas come visit us and beats me to it ;)

  5. crabhao said:

  6. juozapas said:

    Excellent review once again !!
    Thank you for the great videos as well…someday I will attend ALL of these great get togethers…
    Joe N.
    Barrie, Ontario

  7. jml88 said:

    The show was great, The dinner and speaker were very good and looking forward to the show this year. Jason Lang

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