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2022 Texas Pipe Show Report

Bob from Tobacco Cabana showing off the Texas sized cowboy hat.

This years  Texas Pipe show started out a bit chilly  at a balmy 40 degrees.  Luckily, it warmed up into the high 50s for the day with the sunshine making […]

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Inaugural Las Vegas International Pipe Show 2022 Report


The original pipe show in Las Vegas was launched in 2009 by Marty Pulvers and Steve O’Neill, and was named The West Coast Pipe Show. It ran for 10 years, […]

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The Golden Ticket: Two Days at The Richmond Pipe Show

Sutliff Vintage White Burley

The last breath of summer sun stretched out long over the James river in Richmond Virginia, collecting in little pools that reflected a golden glint to the travelers on Manchester […]

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2018 Texas Pipe Show Re-Cap

James Foster, CST The Texas Pipe Show has come and gone, and I thought it would be a good idea to recap the show, post some pictures, and share some […]

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Vincent van Gogh Pipe Smoking Exhibit in Amsterdam

Via Press Release "Vincent’s passion for pipe smoking" is a new exhibit at the Amsterdam Pipe Museum that presents the pipes that Vincent van Gogh painted in his portraits and […]

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The NOLA Pipe Show Recap

E. Roberts The road to New Orleans was (sort of almost) a rocky one. Organizing an event of any size is never an easy task; James, Toby and Wes know […]

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Prelude to the New Orleans Pipe Show

E Roberts Despite flight changes, venue changes, an impending hurricane and disasters at the workplace, I’ve made it to New Orleans for the NOLA Pipe Show. My first official vacation […]

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A Newbie’s First Time at The Chicago Pipe Show

Lori Brown So, Kevin tried his best to prepare me for an overwhelming experience at The Chicago Pipe Show, and he asked me to write an article about my first […]

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What Happens in the Tent, Doesn’t Stay in the Tent …

John Winton … It gets reported on For months, I have been contemplating the 2015 Chicago Pipe Show. Finally, I decided that it is the Smoking Tent that I […]

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Reporting from Milan: NeatPipes The Party 2.0

Lori Brown It was a typical Sunday morning in February. I was still in bed and Kevin was checking his email and Facebook notifications. He walked back into the room […]

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