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Jul 9, 2013
There are quite a few REAL British Blends which hardly get mentioned today even in UK, namely, G&H Rich Dark SpringDew, Westmorland slices, Glengarry flake ,and Condor Long+ Revor plug by Stg, I think seldom a newbie smoker whether in England or in the States would chose any of aforementioned blends the same is true with St Bruno &Erinmore, so I'm staring to suspect these blends do have that certain blue collar/working class status that no young piper like to get associated smoking such 'obsolete granddaddies stuff the same unappealiness might be true with certain American OTC blends in the U.S
Hear, hear

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Mar 23, 2018
Hiland's Black Gold.

This blend gets mentioned only occassionally. It's the aromatic for people who don't think they like aromatics. And, Hiland's (Scottsale, AZ) does mail order so it's easy to get.


Jun 27, 2018
I've not purchased and C&D since it was acquired, but I used to really like Night Train and Old Joe Krantz...I think both are still made now by the Laudisi crew. Both age well, night train gets especially smooth. I also enjoyed Old Hollywood which is no longer made but...if you find some might want to try it. A complex and sweet smoke...but not really an aromatic.


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Nov 13, 2019
Not exactly a sleeper, but Reiner's LGF/Blend 71 is one that I don't hear a lot of chatter about these days. It's fairly affordable, readily available, and just a damn fine smoke.

I've got some Watch City blends in the mail right now. The whispers I'm hearing on the interwebs lead me to believe they're on the verge of becoming huge. I hesitate to even mention them, and I'm not going to name specific blends, but yeah, giddy with anticipation for that delivery.

Whatever your views of youtube tobbaco reviewers are, I'd love to sit and fire up a bowl or two with this old timer!


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Feb 1, 2010
Well, I don't want the profiteers to find out but Smokers Pride Vanilla Cavendish. I just hope they don't spend their retirement accounts investing in it and driving the price up. Darn profiteers.


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Feb 10, 2015
Really only lacks the oriental leaf. But the Virginia’s in lancer slices def keep it interesting.
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Sep 22, 2019
Dutchess County, NY
I am always surprised about how little Brebbia Balkan comes up. I have only had the version that used Syrian latakia and wish I had stocked up a few more tins of the old recipe before it transitioned to Cyprian.

It's a little irritating to think of the amount of tins that were hoarded by people that jumped on the Syrian bandwagon solely because it turned rare and a means to seize the situation for profit.

With pipe smokers being such a tiny population as well as the dark cloud that is cast upon tobacco use by society, it is almost necessary to hoard certain blends for personal use to enjoy down the line. Who knows when it will all either go away or become so tightly regulated that pricing will skyrocket to unreasonable levels.

The best we can do is smoke what you like and like what you smoke, while you can. I suspect most of us on the forums will be able to carry on for quite a while with what we have stashed away if the tobacco apocalypse comes before the existential one.

If you made it to this point of the post I apologize for being a bummer and getting on a soapbox. Things could be better, but they could also be a whole lot worse.
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