Your Hidden Gem Tobaccos! Time to Share ‘Em.

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Preferred Member
Feb 22, 2019
Rockvale, TN
Okay, so the FDA is looming large.

I vote everyone share their secret obscure (or maybe not-so-obscure) favorite blends that you secretly covet. Out with it old chaps! Pip pip!

Mine is F&K Black Bayou Mist.

Smoky Latakia up front, blended perfectly with tart/sour/slightly bitter oriental and tangy ‘older’ hay-bale Virginia. The DF Kentucky settles down around the first third of the bowl. There it melds nicely with the subtle fruity perique, giving the blend a strong backbone and a hardy campfire deliciousness. Each component tobacco is detectable as the blend is deftly balanced. Tasty and creamy with good smoke output. Can be a bit harsh if pushed. Tends to burns on the fast side, so take it extra slow. I load it up in a large bowl briar. This tobacco is, to me, a fantastic English, and is one of my all time favorite blends. By no means an all-day, but I can handle two large bowls back to back at the expense of a raw throat — totally worth it. I smoke it alone and when no one is home so I don’t get interrupted.


Preferred Member
Mar 11, 2014
I haven’t tried Black Bayou Mist yet and have been eyeing it! You better not be responsible for this going out of stock before I get some or we’re having words! :LOL:puffy
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Preferred Member
May 23, 2019
Some of these are not exactly “obscure” but they are talked about less often than they should be IMO:

G and P Tobaccos Seward’s Folly Crumble Cake
Boswell’s Northwoods
Arango/Stokkebye Balkan Supreme

F & T Blackjack
Astley’s No. 44
Watch City Simply Red

Sutliff Match Victorian
HU Louisiana Broken
Peter Heinrich’s Curly Block

CD Briar Fox
Esoterica Tilbury
GH Dark Flake Unscented

Tabac Manil Le Petit Robin
HH Burley Flake
Stokkebye 312 Toasted Burley

G and P Tobaccos Stoney’s Blend
The Country Squire Old Toby
Boswell’s Raspberry Cream

Funky Ass Goofball Shit:
GH Bob’s Chocolate Flake
GH Sweet Rum Twist
My blend of a 50/50 mix of SPC Plum Pudding and Sutliff Molto Dolce.

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Preferred Member
Jun 15, 2013
Here are a few:

RO Perique Series GP-11 - which may be OOP
Esoterica - Hastings
GL Pease - Sixpence
Savinelli - Doblone D'Oro and Brunello Flake
H&H Midtown - Chatham Manor, Anniversary Kake, Signature Virginia Spice
C&D - Yorktown
Sutliff - Elizabethan Match, Matured Virginia 515 RC-1, Edgeworth RR Match, EGR
Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic
Seattle Pipe Club - Deception Pass
Wilke - Crystal Palace, 515
Watch City - Deluxe Crumb Cut, Cap'n Boomers,


Preferred Member
Mar 11, 2018
Some of the TAK/Motzek blends are top notch but most Americans seem to be unaware of them. They are also cheaper than comparable blends. I'm not sure about availability outside of Germany.
Ralf's Burley Cup is one that springs to mind. Maybe my favorite one to smoke with coffee.
Herbst 84 is a nice English that I enjoy in winter.

A lot of people here mention Exotic Passion/Exotic Orange from Rattray as a favorite aromatic. For an aromatic I am fond of their Blossom Temptation which seems to get little notice.


Preferred Member
Jul 28, 2016
There are quite a few REAL British Blends which hardly get mentioned today even in UK, namely, G&H Rich Dark SpringDew, Westmorland slices, Glengarry flake ,and Condor Long+ Revor plug by Stg, I think seldom a newbie smoker whether in England or in the States would chose any of aforementioned blends the same is true with St Bruno &Erinmore, so I'm staring to suspect these blends do have that certain blue collar/working class status that no young piper like to get associated smoking such 'obsolete granddaddies stuff the same unappealiness might be true with certain American OTC blends in the U.S


Preferred Member
Sep 14, 2011
I used to talk about this stuff. With all the fear - justified or not - of a tobaccopocolypse, and the subsequent hoarding behavior that is going on, I am reluctant to comment.
I will say that, since I am retired and widowed, and can thus smoke whatever and whenever I choose to do so, I have explored many "all day" blends, and enjoy them. Simple pleasures. puffy


Preferred Member
Jun 9, 2018
EA Carey's Dark Flake No.7
You can get it easy enough in the UK and I knew they had a US arm and alway assumed they sold it over there, but when I just looked I couldn't see it, it was mostly aromatics. Maybe they did stock it but don't anymore?
Anyway if you can get it it's definitely worth trying if you like stongish vaburs.

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