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Jun 5, 2010
Cornelius, NC
There's another identical thread 2 pages back, but I'll paste from it:
Yes, there have been occupation threads in the past on here. I started out working for Owens Corning Fiberglas at their R&D Center doing Refrigeration and HVAC, for 10 years. Then went to McDonnell Douglas Aircraft doing multi-craft maintenance work , everything from overhead cranes, backhoes, golf carts,chillers, etc. Then the Cold War ended and they shut it down after 5 years. Did regular Commercial HVAC work for 5 years, then hit my midlife crisis. I had always played Baroque trumpet and organ music and one day played in a Cathedral . I mentioned to the organist that there was a crap load of sound coming from the chamber, so he said to open the door and go stand in the middle of all the pipes. It changed my life. I then found an organ builder to work for about 7 years, unfortunately he was extremely bipolar and started running his fist through doors, throwing boards across the rooms, etc.
I then wasted another 7 years of my life sitting at a desk as an hvac estimator, working for a guy who had his dad give the business and he didn’t care wether or not the Sun came up.
My last year of work was assembling the 100lb, 12,15, and 18" subwoofers for my sons business "Stereo Integrity " www.stereointegrity.com

Then I got bit by fire ants causing my immune system to attack and Destroy 95 % of my nerves in my arms and legs so the nerves tells the muscles what to do so I lost about 70 % of the muscles in my arms and legs. I went from being a 58 year-old to a 95 year old physically. Had to quit working and died a quick financial death as I went 5 months with zero income. Within 4-5 months I couldn't open a bottle top, pick up a screw off of a table, unlock my car door. I had fall #32 last week, in the last 5 years.

As Forrest says, " It happens"


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Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
Cap'n, I'm sure you'd find this one tiny!! :oops:

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