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Preferred Member
Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
I just transitioned into the tech industry after years of school and studying, I finally got my foot in the door. I’m a software engineer but my current official title is, Tech Ops. My goal is to get into full stack development. It’s not easy to do this when I’m nearly breaking 40 but I needed a change and better pay. Being a new(er) father was my major inspiration but I’m also very passionate about evolving technologies.


Preferred Member
Did you work with Futurama by any chance???

I work with animals, a couple of ducks, a rabbit, a dog, a Tasmanian devil, mice, cats, Tweety birds. Every now and then I work with Superman or Batman, and currently I'm working with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and other "colorful" characters.
I've spent time on, and designed parts of, the Hilton Hotel on Mars, a Lunar Colony, St Louis in the 1800's, New York in 1915, the Electronic World, the Earth's Core, and numerous other places.


Junior Member
Dec 22, 2013
Had to chime in!

I've been a pharmacist for just over 33 years. Filled prescriptions in hospitals, retails, long-term care facilities, the department of corrections and university health. Worked a year as a systems analyst for a pharmacy computer system. Experienced a lot. Starting to think about retirement.
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Preferred Member
Mar 24, 2012
Southport, North Carolina
I work with youth & young adults suffering through heroin (or crystal meth, prescription pain meds etc.) addiction. Before that I was a rock drummer touring the US and doing “research” for my current line of work. I also am executive pastor of a mega-church (or McChurch, boxstore Church, cult - whatever your persuasion 😇) None of those really pay the bills - fortunately I put some $$ away when in more lucrative times which allows me to spend time doing this - and to smoke above my pay grade 😉


Dec 22, 2011
Sherman, Texas
I'm retired twice and no longer have a profession. I spent 22 years in the US Air Force wherein I flew F4 fighters, manned a missile capsule (Minuteman) under the plains of N. Dakota for 4 years and worked in communications intelligence . After I retired from the USAF at age 42, I became an economics professor and taught college classes for 18 years. I finally got enough of that and retired from teaching.


Senior Member
Jul 20, 2015
My resume is literally 2 1/2 pages long, but here's the "good parts" version. After a brief stint as a gunfighter in an old west museum, I worked for a contract company testing and translating Hewlett Packard DVD/CD burner software to/ from Swedish. After 9/11 I got laid off a few times too many, so I volunteered for an Americorps/VISTA program working with Franciscan friars in a soup kitchen/ health clinic for the homeless in downtown Milwaukee, WI. After spending three years with the friars and deciding I liked girls too much to be one, I went back to babysitting robots until I found a job working for the Colorado Unemployment department. After seven years of working for the state in that capacity, I quit my job, sold my house in Denver, and my wife and I moved to California where I went to seminary, again with the Franciscans. I graduated in May with my MDiv degree, and I begin a one-year residency program for hospital chaplaincy in Portland, OR, on Monday. Wish me luck!


New member
Nov 14, 2019
Well, I'm programmer, I work with software development for 5 years now. My currently project is developing crypto trading bots for crypto traders. In free time I make my own coin, and I hope it will see the world someday.
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Senior Member
Aug 26, 2019
Mesa Arizona
I was sure I had answered this already, but a review of all 5 pages says otherwise...

I am currently the accountant for a (smallish) insurance brokerage, and hold a Masters degree in accounting. I pursued that degree with the intention of becoming a CPA. At the time, my passion was income tax accounting, for which I held a Consultants License with the state of Oregon. Then I discovered the IRS enrolled agent (Enrolled agent - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enrolled_agent) and obtained that license instead. (I saw someone with a PHD in accounting, had I known they existed when I was still in school I might have gone for it. Sadly my school didn't offer it and I was led to believe no one did. Probably just as well, I owe the student loans enough money!@!)

Sadly, I burnt out so badly after more than a decade in the industry that even preparing my own taxes makes me sick to my stomach.

Before all this I started life as a hand on a horse ranch (12 years old) shoveling stalls and grooming horses. Went from there to bucking hay, then fast foods as a teen. Joined the US navy and became a surface fleet sonar technician. When I got out 5 years later (1992) I was an e-4 Petty Officer 3rd class. My intention was to use my electronics training from the navy in a civilian life. When I was told multiple times that I wasn't hireable because I lacked commercial electronics experience I got VERY disillusioned (So lets see if I got this; I worked on a half million dollar computer and equipment suite that guided thousandths of dollar torpedoes to the target, but I'm not qualified to fix a color TV??)

I bounced from job to job for a few years, anything from private security to shade tree mechanic with a brief stint as a prep cook in a Mexican food place. Then I got into printed circuit board making, working all aspects of the processes to make the inner layers of multi-layer circuit boards. From there I went to extrusion plastics. At that time I studied and became an Oregon licensed income tax consultant, (first I had to license as a preparer for two years).

This I found was my passion, so I tried to make a life working income tax accounting. Went back to school then for the aforementioned degree. and the rest is history...