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New member
Feb 18, 2013
My apologies, when I "threw the tobacco in the trash", it was about 3 years ago. Long before I knew about pipes magazine and these forums, or any pipe related website for that matter. I would have traded or sold it without thinking twice. In the future, I will be glad to trade with anyone. I haven't come across anything that bad yet, hopefully I don't but I will keep everyone posted.


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Feb 11, 2012
What? Someone doesn't like CH?

Lets not disrespect our forefathers.

(add smiley face here)

This thread was fun.

Of course, no conclusions can be

gleaned from it. Rather than

futilely add my own hates, I expect

something that made me gag, will

spur other posts with a


But seriously, I do have to wonder

why "black sheep" products that

invariously include the OTC's remain

around. I can only suppose that the

membership here represent the more

adventurous of the entire pipe

smoking community. Only because we

research so many choices to compare,

do we have advantage to judge.

Ironically, should we ever callously

deride OTC's, their large loyal

following are not here to see it.

Are they happy with what they smoke,

or merely content? Who knows.

After my introduction here to a

world of newly discovered premium

blends, I still have a place for

a few time-honored OTC's.



Preferred Member
Jan 30, 2013
Most drugstore tobacco (excluding Capt. Black White) and the worst of them I would say is Paladin 'Black Cherry'. That is unless you like play-dough mixed with your Robitussin! ;)



Feb 7, 2013
I can't believe no one posted SG Grousemoor. I smoked it yesterday in a new cob and could not finish the bowl. Revolting. Maybe it was the new cob.



Preferred Member
Jul 15, 2011
There arent a whole lot of tobaccos that I really HATE (the only tobacco to earn that title is Mixture 79 :|) but there have been a few tobaccos that I didnt care much for. NYPC Hells Kitchen was a big let down for me, way too much Oriental and not enough Latakia to have any discernible flavor what so ever. A lot of all Black Cavendish blends have been a big let down for me as well, such as a lot of the Black Cav offerings from Sutliff Private Stock. And on the note of Sutliff, their Molto Dulce really did nothing for me and was the most heavily cased goopy mess ever.



Preferred Member
Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
When I first started smoking pipes I used Sail, Borkum Riff, Captain black, (all colors). That is all I knew and loved them all.
when I restarted smoking pipes after many years, I again started the same routine, advancing to Marbella, an aromatic blend of De La Concha on 56th and 7th ave in NYC.
After joining the forum and discovering English, Virginia, Orientals and their combinations, I tried the Marbella again and could not smoke this at all. It was like stuffing syrup into my pipe.
I gave it all away.



Preferred Member
Feb 13, 2013
Jesus, mcellands has so many different blends writing off the brand is just foolish. I hate reading reviews and people talking about the ketchup smell, so many good blends by mclellands, some of the bad reviews I read from people they're smoking a blending tobacco like perique straight or straight latkia then talking about it being crap. It's blending tobacco for a reason. The only stuff so far I've hated was 4 aces mild, but it rolls decent cigarettes, which I don't smoke



New member
Mar 1, 2013
Im still fairly new and ive only smoked a pipe... but the worst id say ive smoked.. (was my first baccy buy give me a break lol) Is blenders Gold from walgreens the burley and black mix has a strong plastic taste...



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I don't smoke unpleasant tobacco long enough to hate it. Some of the most hated OTC

blends mentioned have been acceptable to me, if not favorites. The one blend mistake

that I have encountered was the 2011 Holiday Blend from Peterson. It had this great

bouquet in the tin, cinnamon and pine and spices. And the first few puffs were quite nice.

But brushing my teeth after a bowl of that was excruciating, when the mouthwash stripes

in the toothpaste hit my gums. Eeeee-ooowww. Burning anything creates many assorted

chemicals, but too many additives really create a smog. Not necessary when good tobacco

has plenty of flavors of its own. No need for the fragrance counter.



Preferred Member
Mar 5, 2013
St. Louis, MO
I haven't really tried anything I hated but I wasn't able to get through a pouch of Pipa Vanilla Cavendish. I just got bored with it and It seems so plain compared to some of the other stuff I've tried. The first experience I had with it was awful though; that free pipe it came with sucked, but at least it got me into pipes. As far as the McClelland's I haven't tried any but I like Virginia's so maybe I'll give them a try.



Oct 31, 2012
Mac Baren's Dark Twist. I smoked this one morning before I came to work, I spent the better part of that morning with my feet planted firmly on the floor while the room was spinning around me. Something about it's spiciness I just couldn't handle.



Preferred Member
Jan 6, 2013
Anything "cherry"* -- they all taste like cough medicine to me!
*Or, if you're of a Freudian bent, you can take this to mean that I prefer a more "experienced" tobacco. :roll:

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