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  1. murf

    Ordering a pipe from Pipes and Cigars, safe?

    I have not bought pipes from them in awhile, my last pipe from them was probably before the acquisition by CI. Not for any particular reason, Ijust didnt have the money to buy more pipes. If there is a problem in the finish of the pipe, isnt that a manufacturer's issue, and not a retailer's issue?
  2. murf

    First bowl of Peter Stokkebyes Luxury Bulls Eye Flake

    I just bought some as posted directly above. I have 3lb of LBF aging, maybe 2yr old. I have 1-1.5lb LTF aging. Only have 4oz of LNF aging at the moment. I got 1.5lb boxes of LBF and LNF. I'm hoping go have some fresh to smoke since I dont want to disturb what is aging. And I really enjoy the...
  3. murf

    Mixing that Extra Tobacco

    I tend to just take whatever's left and mix it with something else. I've never really gotten the chance to dedicate a jar to scraps since I usually have an open tin waiting to get jarred up
  4. murf

    Darn - Laid off again

    I took a job at UPS because I couldnt find work in my field. I have a Master's degree. I've been loading trucks for the longest 11 months of my life. Picking up per diem work, going back to school, and officiating hockey games. I start my new job in Aug. My pipes have been keeping me sane for a...
  5. murf

    I want to explore Virginias, but ...

    I wonder if moisture and humidity could play a part in that. Moist tobacco needs to be hotter in order to burn.
  6. murf

    New Neerup Pipe - Question

    My neerups are great, I have no probkems. And I learned my lesson the hard way to not use a drill on a pipe. Put a hole in my nording freehand. All patches Have been unsuccessful :(
  7. murf

    Nording Viking Going Cheap

    To me that just looks like the nording style. You see it on all the freehands.
  8. murf

    Latakia Smell Transfer

    I dont have a regular ordering schedul so I guess I will just have to be more mindful of that next time. Whenever that may be. Tobacco is crispy and still has that latakia smell. Oh well. I only got a few oz of it
  9. murf

    Older Rusticated / Blasted Cleaning Tips

    I trimmed an old toothbrush down to a quarter inch and use a bif of murphys, but found that sometimes that can remove the stain a little/ //
  10. murf

    Latakia Smell Transfer

    Stupid auto correct. I meant latakia Not patagonia
  11. murf

    Cheap Corn Cob Pipes

    My dad had a Chinese cob that started on fire. I made sure that Santa brought us each a bat of Missouri smokeable seconds. They smoke great so far!
  12. murf

    Latakia Smell Transfer

    I did in fact smoke some and could still taste the Patagonia. Oh well. I might try airing it out some more like on a plate. If that doesn't work I will just mix in some more VA W
  13. murf

    Latakia Smell Transfer

    I had a recent order sit in the box for awhile, maybe a week or so (long story). All the tobacco I ordered was bulk so it was in ziploc bags. The VA blend I ordered, McClelland Matured Cake, took on the smell of latakia from 2 other blends. I took the VA out of the bag and let it air out for...
  14. murf

    Milan Tobacconists of Roanoke, Virginia

    I've enjoyed numerous orders and interactions with them. I like their prices on pipe racks, and they have a good selection of Erik Nording pipes.
  15. murf

    On Thanksgiving Day, I will Not Be Happy!!!!!!

    I hope things go well for you. Enjoy the little ones, they're only little for so long. This makes me glad that I only have 2 days off for Christmas, because my wife wanted to go to her parents' house. 2 days off would not allow for that to happen. I told her to take the kids and go without...