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  1. jkrug

    Canadian Box Pass Round 3

    Hi guys....hope everyone is doing well. Been a while for sure! As luck would have it I just received the box back from ben88. Seems he was going through a "rough spell" but is back on his feet now and was able to ship the box back to me. :clap: I am away starting tomorrow and will be back...
  2. jkrug

    Metro Detroit Folks -Should we try again?

    A trip to Paul's would be great for sure. Haven't been there since that trip we took in the blizzard!!
  3. jkrug

    Metro Detroit Folks -Should we try again?

    Hi everyone...hope all is well. My wife and I will be away on our first camping trip of the year on that weekend. Very much looking forward to seeing you all again and I have yet to meet Mr rolldog. :puffy:
  4. jkrug

    Orley's Wife Gets a New Pipe, and Has Something to Say! PICS

    WOW...that's a real beauty for sure Orley. I hope it brings wifey much smoking enjoyment. :puffy:
  5. jkrug

    Possibly the 'poshest' plug?

    Sounds like a lovely plug indeed. I too am intrigued by the Ale. :puffy:
  6. jkrug

    Down (Up and Down) With Crappy Old Chest Cold

    Hope you are well's been too quiet around here!! :puffy:
  7. jkrug


    What a great story for sure and a great moment in time to have captured and hung on to. Moments like that are special and should be held in high reverence. :puffy:
  8. jkrug

    These Are Strang Times

    Strang days indeed!! Enjoy. :puffy:
  9. jkrug

    Day Trip To Boswell's

    Sounds like a day well spent to me!! :puffy:
  10. jkrug

    Savinelli Tag - An exclusive pipe model for the Instagram community

    Not a social media guy either but that middle pipe is stunning!! :puffy:
  11. jkrug

    Maple Cob

    Very nice...that's a great looking pipe! Hope she's a good smoker too. Enjoy. :puffy:
  12. jkrug

    My Tobacco Cellar-Oh How Times Flies

    Good to hear that you have set yourself up nicely. Enjoy. :puffy:
  13. jkrug

    Camelia Canadian before and after

    Very good looking pipe...she cleaned up quite nicely. Enjoy. :puffy:
  14. jkrug

    Earth, Grass, Molasses and Citrus

    :clap: Well played sir...well played!! :puffy:
  15. jkrug

    Estate Sale find

    WOW...what a sweet score indeed! Enjoy. :puffy: