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    What Music Are You Listening To ( April, 2018)

    @glassjapan--Kate Bush is awesome I'm listening to "Not Too Soon" by Throwing Muses, for my Tanya Donelly fix
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    Bigfoot Spotted Maybe With Pipe

    Where else is he going to pee!? Porta potties are too short...
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    Today's PAD: NOS eBay Kaywoodie

    I've never had a Kaywoodie that smoked less than very good...nice score!
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    Breaking News From The BBC.

    Hard-hitting journalistic excellence!
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    Pipes with carburetors?

    I've always cast a sideways glance at these as gimmicks. Now, an electronic, computer controlled tobacco injected pipe would be the shizzle!
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    Left or Right Sided Smoker

    Exclusively left, leaving my right hand to do work, be creative, or cause trouble...Except when lighting-then it's straight down the center line
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    Brebbia Pipes Reputation?

    I got a used Brebbia Oro, nice brandy shape. It's drilled for a filter, but I use it without for fine smokes. The stem seems a little quick to oxidize, but no real complaints.
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    Comoy's Pebble Grain Restoration

    Great resto on the stem! Lovely hunk of's it smoke?
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    Is Pipe Smoking like riding a bike?

    Asa a pipe smoker and a cyclist, I can unequivocally state that risks of saddle-sores ar much, much lower for the pipe.
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    What are You Reading?

    James Herriot's "All Creatures Great and Small" with its occasional pipe smoking references
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    Zippos That Won't Light

    Mine has been 100% reliable for over 15 years. I'll keep an eye out for such problems
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    Niels Bohr - Another Pipe Smoker

    Great pic! Quantum mech profoundly shocked me as an undergrad, but I recovered
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    I’m Afraid The Critters Family Is Moving In

    My Father in Law has a nifty solution. - 5 gal bucket half full of water - sun flower seeds floating on top - chipies think they can jump in and feast--place somewhere accessible to the varmints - harvest drowned critters Less humane than a live trap, but Geneva Conventions don't apply to...
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    A Critter In My House. I'm On The Hunt!

    Good luck! I have an annual autumn visit from flying squirrels, they're amazing critters when they glide down from atop the fridge or a bookcase. Since they're a bit short of a snack, I've become adept at herding them in to large Rubbermaid containers fear a catch and release. My cats are lazy oafs.
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    Back After Being Away And Recovering From Surgery

    Wishing you a complete and quick recovery! Have you had to switch up your pipe-handling hand?