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  1. donjgiles

    Leatherman Multitools & Their Imitators.

    Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit MX
  2. donjgiles

    Missed Out On Syrian Latakia

    Send me your address in a private message, I have something for you. :)
  3. donjgiles

    Well Done, Mr. Amash !!!

    Actually, I should apologize for making a duplicate post. But in this case I think it bears repeating! :) Don
  4. donjgiles

    Well Done, Mr. Amash !!!

    Fine Art, Cartooning, and Pipe Smoking: Jim Amash :) Don
  5. donjgiles

    SRV - Pipe Smoking Footage - Japan Concert

    Looks like Bulldog or Rhodesian by Comoy's. :)
  6. donjgiles

    1839 Book Claims Urine was Used in Tobacco

    Ain't that a pisser? :)
  7. donjgiles

    What are Your Thoughts on Pot Shaped Pipes? Pros, Cons

    Some say, these are the finest smoking pipes, ever made. :)
  8. donjgiles

    McClelland - Known for VA But Were They Good at English?

    I am mostly a Va/Per smoker but, there are times when I enjoy British Woods. :)
  9. donjgiles

    Author Shaped Popularity??!!

    Comoy's Old Bruyere
  10. donjgiles

    Love for Lovats, Anyone?

    Yes, love them!!
  11. donjgiles

    Show Me Your Favorite Tobacco Knife!

    I have been on a Case knife kick lately...
  12. donjgiles

    Samuel Gawith St. James Flake

    YES... Good stuff!
  13. donjgiles

    Watch City Rouxgaroux

    And ... gone.