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  1. donjgiles

    1lb Bulk Flake Packaging

    I just received a kilo of Comoy's #4. It only comes in a ziplock bag. The flakes are rather thin so they do break up a bit when removed.
  2. donjgiles

    David Bowie has Died

    Sorry... Yes, Cosmic Charlie was a song of theirs.
  3. donjgiles

    David Bowie has Died

    Bad news Cosmic (Charile) Folklore
  4. donjgiles

    Vollmer & Nilsson Pipe Info

    You could just ask them... :)
  5. donjgiles

    Schulte's Pipes

    Your post just got me to buy a pipe... dang ya! :) Looking forward to cleaning this one
  6. donjgiles

    James Barber Notice

    Not sure what is going on, but wanted to give you all a heads-up
  7. donjgiles

    Samuel Gawith Finally

    No idea. Some retailers may get better treatment than others, that is just a guess on my part.
  8. donjgiles

    New Dunhill Billiard...Real? Or Fake?

    That is why I dislike using white backgrounds.
  9. donjgiles

    Samuel Gawith Finally

    Two of the vendors I purchase from were only getting like 4 tins of each blend... skinny!
  10. donjgiles

    Dunhill JFK Pipe

    Is it just me or is the grain rather... uninspiring? $5,000? No thanks.
  11. donjgiles

    What Do You All Do for Old, Unsmoked Pipes?

    At least, I would run some alcohol and pipe cleaners through the shank and stem. Give it a critical sniff and make sure there is not hint of mold or any nasties hiding in there.
  12. donjgiles

    Samuel Gawith Finally

    Here is some... Best shipping packing in the business even if their prices are a little high... :)
  13. donjgiles

    Hello from South Central PA

    Hello from Harrisburg! :)
  14. donjgiles

    Possible Bowl Damage?

    It looks to me, like lighting the bowl when the tobacco is almost gone.
  15. donjgiles

    Anyone Remember the ASP Group Pipe Buys?

    I left about the same time. It was the generosity of ASP that started my love of the pipe. I received a big box of tobacco and a few pipes to get me started, I will never forget that group.