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  1. dlattim

    Royal Yacht

    Royal Yacht is my go to everyday smoke. I like the way it packs and lights. The flavor is lightly sweet and pure virginia. The tonquin bean must agree with me because I like it. Sometimes after dinner when I want something a little sweeter I top off a bowl with just a pinch of Peterson's Nutty...
  2. dlattim

    Lighting A Match In The Wind

    No merit badge for pipe smoking?? What's up with that?
  3. dlattim

    Nail Clippin Pipin

    That's a great idea Kashmir. I've thought of doing that before, but have been to lazy to round up the nail clippers and put them with my piping "stuff". I could get 4 maybe 6 uses instead of the usual 2 for each pipe cleaner. For me it's not the cost savings, but just having fewer of those darn...
  4. dlattim

    Favorite pipe?

    My favorite is one of the first pipes I bought off of Ebay. It is a Stanwell. This is my go to pipe. Fits me like a glove. The military mount is a plus for me. [/img]
  5. dlattim

    Why Do I Do It?!

    I have this involuntary reflex that makes my hand click on "complete order". I just can't help myself. I'm sure it's a medical condition, but I don't think there is any treatment for it. It only feels better for a few minutes when I do it and then the cycle and build up to "complete order"...
  6. dlattim

    Royal Yacht Just So So

    Royal Yacht has to be smoked very slowly and cool to get the full flavor. Smoked this way I find the flavor matches the tin note quite well. I get a slight sweetness with a tinge of raisin flavor. There is a slight fresh hay like quality to it that I like. This tobacco can be smoked straight out...
  7. dlattim

    Can't Get Anymore Packages

    Youngpiper1 I'd like to hear what your Grandfather says after he tries to turn your tobacco in to the post office and they tell him that it's no problem. Considering the circumstances I think you have no choice but to honor his wishes as long as you live there. Sorry about your mom. I'll be...
  8. dlattim

    Has This Happened to Anyone Else?

    That sounds very strange to me. I think if it were me I would forward it to Kevin or the moderators. They are more internet savy and might have a better idea of what this person is trying to do. Just doesn't sound appropriate to me. I certainly wouldn't respond.
  9. dlattim

    Pipes and Parents

    You're right on target corrine. Go for it. If nothing else, you'll feel a great relief from your burden. I'm sure of that.
  10. dlattim

    Pipes and Parents

    Your only choice is to start the honesty now and man up to the consequences. Continued dishonesty can only make it worse. I've been there. The only thing worse than being dishonest is trying to continue it. I'm 56 now and I can tell you the best lesson my parents taught me is there are...
  11. dlattim

    Pipes and Parents

    How about the next time they go down for a smoke you join them with your pipe and say,"hey, can I join you guys". Then you can proceed to tell them about your new hobby.
  12. dlattim

    Pipes and Parents

    Tell them. You may not be able to smoke at home, it's their house, their rules. But at 18 you should be able to do as you please as long as it's legal away from home. Maybe you could just go outside or to the garage for your smoke. Many of us do that. Tell them you took up the pipe as and...
  13. dlattim

    Royal Yacht

    Royal Yacht is a daily smoke for me. I find that is must be sipped really slowly to be enjoyed fully. I like to clench my pipe and barley keep the ember going to enjoy it. I like the nic kick and the sweet taste of this Virginia tobacco.
  14. dlattim

    Tobacco For Aussie Newbie

    +1 for 4noggins. I've used them several times and never been let down. The orders I have placed from them always arrive in a couple of days. I prefer Dunhill's Royal Yacht. My daily smoke.
  15. dlattim

    What About Matches?

    I'm still using the Maya Mexican matches I find at HEB grocery stores. They seem to burn a bit slower. They are made from cactus quills.