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    Is Pipe Smoking Growing?

    Cajunguy, May the wind always be at your back and your pipe lit.
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    New guys questions bout tobacco

    Welcome Wolfie. I'm new to the briar as well. I would start with a good everyday aromatic. I did and haven't regretted it at all. I have recently started trying all kinds of "drug store" type tobacco. Captain Black White is a good one.
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    Is Pipe Smoking Growing?

    This reply is from a tobacco store manager in New Hampshire: "Pipes and pipe tobacco are starting to get more and more popular again."
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    Two Year Anniversary today.

    Congratulations and many more Grizzly.
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    Is Pipe Smoking Growing?

    I believe pipe smoking is gaining ground, however, it is in small increments. My reason for picking up the brier is purely nostalgia. I think of pipe smoking as a reflection of a simpler less stressful time in America and I want to capture a bit of that for myself. I avoided smoking my whole...
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    At what age did you pick up a pipe?

    50! It takes maturity to appreciate and savor a good pipe and tobacco, but don't worry you'll get there kids. :nana:
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    Dress Pipe After Concert.

    I can't quite make it out, but is that a coffee cup next to that bottle of fine brandy? I like the Peterson! :puffy:
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    Estate sale find

    What a great pipe, how's it smoking?
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    Best Type of Tobacco Pouch to have ??

    Toker, Castlefords are nice but I had a more 40's or 50's style zipper pouch in mind. Something simple. Any suggestions? -Thanks
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    Straight pipe or Curved pipe?

    I tend to relax and enjoy a bent more than a straight, but I do like to switch between them in the rotation. -A good woman, a good pipe and a good whiskey.
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    Captain Black Drink Accompaniment

    Kentucky Straight Bourbon on the rocks and a hot babe serving it to her man. :puffy:
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    Favourite pipe smoking activities

    Tommy, I like your choice, very relaxing, maybe during a sunset too with a glass of bourbon. Paddling the kayak on the lake during a fabulous sunset smoking a classic Dr. Grabow and some, H&H or CBW. :puffy:
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    Favourite pipe smoking activities

    For me, a walk in the woods and up on a hillside for a sit down view with a good pipe and tobacco. In the winter, the crisp air seems to make the smoke rise soft and sweet.
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    First Camping Trip of 2012

    bentmike, I thought I had posted those pics and forgot about it! (gettin' old) Your campsite is a dead ringer for my own campsite every year, right down to your camp stove and tablecloth. Ahhh the smell of the pine trees and a good pipe tobacco. The best combination this side of heaven........
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    Best Type of Tobacco Pouch to have ??

    I still use my "starter pouch" it's a vinyl roll-up. Really works well and is comfortable in the pocket. I'd really like to try out a leather zip top model. Any suggestions?