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  1. akfilm

    Practical Tips

    Be careful googling "Rimming" you may want to say "rimming a tobacco pipe". The internet is full of rabbit trails that mainly lead to porn.
  2. akfilm

    Favorite Type/Brand of Knife

    Well...mine first off, lol, but rarely keep any I make. I like custom fixed bladed knives, and have a short list of makers I really like. I prefer classic designs like the puuko. For daily carry for myself, it's actually just a gerber folding utility knife that uses a simple boxcutter blade, I...
  3. akfilm

    Sleepless in Tacoma

    Next meeting is Sept. 12th! I'll most likely be there.
  4. akfilm

    Adobe Lightroom CC [I Finally Switched]

    I haven't made the jump to Lightroom CC, I still use Classic as part of the Suite, CC is in the suite, I just haven't installed it yet, I probably should as I'm on the road a lot for film and photo work and would probably speed things up a little on the post end. I still use photoshop a bunch...
  5. akfilm

    The Other Kind Of Smoking (BBQ)

    YEP Warren! I smoke salmon for family mainly, and get it from trading bear, moose or caribou meat, not a fan of fishing for it anymore. All my bears are spring berry bears, I love them, I avoid fall bear.
  6. akfilm

    The Other Kind Of Smoking (BBQ)

    I have two smokers, one is strictly for fish, mainly salmon and trout, sometimes halibut, I do simple brines on those, the other smoker is for meats. My favorite is a moose brisket, covered in a Kansas city rub, wrapped in bacon and smoked over cherrywood, then thinly sliced and served. Also a...
  7. akfilm

    Searching For Affordable But Good Meerschaum

    vintage shops are a great place to find some meers sometimes, I just picked up a no name that I put a new stem on, and cleaned it up. It had some great color building on it, and I got it for $25.
  8. akfilm

    Searching For Affordable But Good Meerschaum

    I do like my CAO, IMP, and SMS pipes. I would avoid the lower end Servi-Meerchaums though, that's where I started and I had four pipes break on me in normal use, some after only 2 or 3 smokes. I had one replaced and it broke as well. In fact, there were so many failures from others as well, that...
  9. akfilm

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome from Alaska! I spent my early childhood in Alexandria, a good chunk of my family live in the Cities still, the family farm was what is now Brooklyn Park.
  10. akfilm

    Planning for my holidays

    My travel pack is always the same, my Nording signature, a second brier, 1 Kirsten with two bowls (one meer, one brier), and one simple meer. With of course the tools and accessories. I take one good day time smoke with good room note, one english or balkan, and usually a blend edging towards an...
  11. akfilm

    You, Your Pipe and Your SO

    My wife doesn't have a problem with my pipe and occasional cigar, she does hate the smell of cigarettes, and I've found a couple pipe blends that she's not a huge fan of, but otherwise I have free reign to smoke around her outside, I smoke in my shop, cars and in my office. She's not a huge fan...
  12. akfilm

    Lattice meerschaum pipe

    Sounds like a great pipe. For an estate, no-name meer I'd drop $90 bucks in a heart beat for a bent lattice. My gut says it'll be a servi-meershcaum
  13. akfilm

    New Lion In Claw Meer

    Oh that's pretty. I love my fancy meers. They took awhile to really grow on me, but now and again I find one that I need to have. I just bought a claw and egg that is one of the best I've seen, I'll have to post a pic here for everyone. Spent years waiting for a master carver piece to present...
  14. akfilm

    What's In Your Tobacco Rotation?

    Mine changes constantly. Sadly, HH Vintage Syrian is the corner stone though, I have my daily smokes, and I usually have a "fun" tin, something rare or new that I take my time with. Current rotation: HH Vintage Syrian Black Frigate Frog Morton Iwan Riews Balkan Supreme Comoys Cask #9...
  15. akfilm

    Found Another American Beer To Fall In Love With.

    Good solid choice there. They have a wide distribution network, Stone does as well, so you may be able to find their beers. Ehhh, I think Pliny is overrated, it's a solid IPA for sure, but it's feeling a little old fashioned now. Or maybe I built it too far up in my head before I tried it. (I...