Stop the Lies Behind the Smoking Bans

By: Michael J. McFadden
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains"
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of the

UPDATED May 10, 2011 – New revised PDF Download at the end of the article.

Smokers often find themselves in the uncomfortable position of defending their chosen practice against accusations by family, friends, or even complete strangers that they are harming people around them. That accusation has been the basis for smoking bans extending far beyond reason and is usually backed up by vague waves at "mountains of studies," claims that "all the experts agree," assurances that bans will be "cost-free" and "won’t hurt employment," and the repetition of empty but powerful sound bites learned from MTV and professional press-releases.

The freely downloadable and printable booklet offered below, the Stiletto, exposes "The Lies Behind Smoking Bans" and is designed specifically to counter claims made to back up the bans that have not only taken over our workplaces and recreational gatherings but are now reaching even into our private living spaces and personal off-the-job lives. It is designed to be quickly and easily read in print-out form in dimly lit bars or on restaurant counters and packs strong information and analysis into its 20 pages. It can be bound in the clear plastic student-term-paper type report covers cheaply available from Staples or school-supply shelves anywhere or it can be simply corner-stapled. Its argument is quite clearly one-sided, but its facts are accurate and their presentation is honest.

Anyone who would like a customized copy for a particular campaign (say within a specific state, university, or job setting) is welcome to contact the author for an editable .doc file format or assistance in such customization. Antismoking advocates have all the money to push their bans (The AMA’s 2001 report revealed that "Tobacco Control" received over $880 million dollars just in that year alone.) but the facts, and the truth, are on our side if we can get them out to public view. Download the Stiletto, print it out, bind it, and share it with others.

Next time you’re confronting an Antismoker, don’t argue with them: hand them a Stiletto and simply ask them to find anything at all in it that they can point to as incorrect or misleading. They won’t be able to.

Keep on fighting!

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